4 Steps to Becoming a Joint Venture Broker

joint venture marketing

Once you realize the profit potential waiting for successful joint ventures, you might decide that this field is the perfect place for you. Instead of simply capitalizing on a profitable partnership for your own business, you can create an entire company around helping others achieve the same success you have enjoyed.

This is the world of a JV broker, a professional who wheels and deals with various companies to form profitable partnerships between them. If this sounds like the perfect job for you, then these are the first four steps to take.

1.  Understand the Concept of Joint Ventures

A basic joint venture brings together two or more companies that potentially share the same customer base without directly competing with one another. The two businesses come together to share customer lists, advertising costs and a wealth of additional resources. The specific scope of a JV partnership will be directly dependent on what the two businesses hope to gain. Once you understand these basics, you are ready to enter the exciting and challenging world of a JV broker.

2.  Develop a Strong Network

Some JV brokers might specialize in a particular industry, while others will work with companies on a much broader scope. Whichever path you choose to take, you must begin networking with a wide range of businesses to ensure you can find the right matches in your database. JV brokers are masters at networking, whether online, over the phone or in person. They have a comprehensive knowledge of the businesses they work with, both in terms of the benefits they could provide and the needs they might have.

3.  Create a Workable List

Every time you network with a particular business, add them to your list of workable contacts. Make sure the companies you list are open to joint ventures with other businesses, ensuring they will be open to your proposals when the time comes to approach them. Keep your list of contacts in a usable form, whether you create a spreadsheet with all the necessary information or store them in a Rolodex. When you come across a new company interested in joint ventures, you can easily refer to your list to find the right match.

4.  Learn Basic Communication Skills

To turn businesses onto the idea of a joint venture, you must be able to explain precisely how these partnerships work and how each company benefits from the arrangement. You can even put your information into a written format that potential partners can download from your website or that you can distribute when you pay the company a visit.

As you work to educate your customer, educate yourself on what the customer hopes to achieve, so you are more likely to meet their needs through the partnership you arrange.

Once you have these basic steps under your belt, you are ready to venture into the world of JV brokering. With a robust network and plenty of basic information about joint ventures to offer, you are more likely to create successfully partnerships that will be successful for everyone involved, including you!

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joint venture marketing

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