Im slipping one in on ya

christian fea

I’m a liar.

Or call it the ol’ bait and switch.

Whatever… I’m not giving you the “Where’s Waldo?” email today like I said I would.

I’m sorry to do it to you, but something has been driving me crazy and I just got to know.

You see, far too many businesses sit in their little caves, cranking out products, churning out emails, and laying down landing pages.

But they never find out if their stuff is hitting the mark. They never take the time to discover if their customers expectations are being met… if they’re getting the message loud and clear.

That kind of blind-alley business management drives me crazy.  Those guys don’t seem to give a rip about their customers, let alone their customer’s needs.

Well, I just can’t to that to you.

So, do you mind spending a few minutes to give me the dirt?  I’m listening and ready to tweak my info to truly meet your needs.

But I’ve got to know what’s on your mind and what I can really give you to help out.

I’ve got 3 simple questions for you that I think will fit the bill… won’t take but a minute or two of your time and will let me know what I can do to help.

Fair enough?

Great. Click on this link now and fill out the brief, easy, 3-question survey I’ve put together.

I am listening and can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say.

Here’s that link again.

And, of course, tomorrow I really will give you all the facts on finding collaborative partners and how to cut some deals.


christian fea

christian fea

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