4 Ways to Make Your Website Work for You

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

The Internet has opened the door to a wide range of marketing opportunities today, allowing you to build your business and boost sales all from the comfort of your office. One of the best ways to advertise your business online is through joint venture marketing, which links you with an established business in a related industry that can send more potential customers your way.

Once you have created a few JV partnerships, it is time to make the Internet work for your business, with website tips guaranteed to broaden your customer base.

Use Search Engine Optimization

When people need a product or service, they use the search engines to find the companies that provide what they are looking for. While you can use Google tools for this purpose, the best course of action is to hire an SEO expert for this purpose. Although your JV marketing efforts will be effective in growing your customer base, a little search engine savvy can’t hurt either. Your JV partner probably already knows the tricks of the trade, so you will need to get up to speed to ensure you are doing your part to attract new business.

Make Your Company Inviting

Once your customers find you, it is up to you to ensure that they stay long enough to make a purchase. When designing your website, set it up for easy, convenient navigation. Post your phone number, address and direct email link on your contact page so customers can get in touch with you easily. Offer easy to follow links that move from one page to another and add a few full-color photos to make your website and your products more enticing.

Provide a Physical Location

Few businesses do well when they limit to all of their business to online transactions. Even in this electronic age, customers feel more comfortable with a business that offers a brick and mortar location, as well as a website address. When you provide the contact information above, you are doing more than offering your customers information to get in touch with you. You are also showing stability in your business by providing a physical location and an actual person over a phone line with whom your customers can connect.

Know Your Customer

This advice is not strictly geared to online businesses, but it does tend to get lost in the translation when setting up a virtual business. Your company may get seen by many more customers through the Internet, but your website still needs to address the specific needs of your customers in order to get noticed. You can hire a company to perform market research for you, or you can do your own through customer surveys and other techniques that will help you learn what your customers want and why they buy certain products.

JV marketing may bring more customers to your website, but then it is up to you to entice customers to stick around and shop. Like a brick and mortar store, your website needs to build your customer’s confidence and interest in your company through a high quality site that offers ample information about your business and the products and services you offer.

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joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

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