Equip a Sales Team with iPads and Close New Clients Faster

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If you’re seeking a way to improve your sales team that’s servicing referrals from a joint venture marketing partner and want to increase their productivity while meeting with new clients than consider equipping them with an Apple Pad. The iPad will allow your sales team members to have access to more information as well as be able to actively input customer information and requirements into your companies database while away from their desks.

This will not only help increase their efficiency, it will allow your company to represent a business that is serious about providing customers with top level service. By embracing new technology a business is able to portray an image of being with the times and maximizing tools that can improve their business which conveys an image in the mind of the customers that you are very professional and serious about securing their business.

iPad Improves Your Sales Team

The iPad is similar to a laptop however, it is easily usable in a meeting as it does not take up a large footprint on the table or block the view of the person you’re meeting with. Yet it can access the web, email, and have materials ready to easily share with a new client prospect such as marketing collateral, videos of the product in the field or testimonials from happy clients.

Apps a Sales Team Should Have When Meeting With New Clients

Quickoffice Pro HD – This app gives you access to the Microsoft suite of office tools like word, excel, and power point including the ability to open PDF’s. It’s important to have an app like this so that the sales team can read file attachments they receive in their email. The app also has a great drag and drop feature for sending files. Rather than telling a new client that they will receive an email later with additional details to review, they can send a copy right then in a meeting. If a customer is intent on moving forward right now, the sales representative can make a few adjustments to a purchase order and have the contract in the new customers email inbox before they leave the premises.

Penultimate – A note taking app that allows a sales representative to take handwritten notes using a stylus on the iPad to then save and send if needed to other team members to stay up to speed regarding the meeting with a new client. These notes can also be attached to a customer relationship management database for keeping a very current file on the new client.

Dropbox – The Dropbox solution allows your team members to have files easily available. This is great for companies that have many products and accompanying product spec sheets and marketing collateral. It may be difficult to know exactly which products and solutions a new client from a joint venture partner is actually seeking so by having all of the marketing files at a swipe of a finger, can be impressive and deliver what the customer needs to make a buy decision. This is great for product demo videos and other marketing information.

ListMonger – Is an easy to use task management app that can be shared amongst sales team when a new client comes on board everyone on the team can be up to date with the status of the project. This can help manage traveling sales member’s daily schedule and make sure that they do not forget to also update the business tracking system after a meeting and to send emails and whatever else is required post meeting.

Office Time – This app is a simple and effective time tracker app. The sales member can record the time on the road and time in meetings for the day with new clients. While your pay structure may not require a sales member to report the exact time worked each day this data can be very helpful to determine the overall ROI of a joint venture partner by tracking the amount of time that is spent on each referred customer. This is valuable information that can be shared with a partner if required to show the customer care and time that is being devoted to the partnership.

There are dozens more apps that will help your sales team close new clients faster if they are carrying an iPad when they are out on the road meeting business leads. Of course the staples like Maps, email, and Facetime which allows for a video conference with another iPhone or iPad owner is worth it for increasing productivity, it’s the full package of business apps that can make a sales team drastically more efficient. If you have been looking for something to motivate as well as reward your sales team to increase performance consider getting them iPads, it will not only make their daily routine more efficient and allow them to close deals faster, but they can also enjoy the iPad during non-business hours and is a great way to show appreciation for your team.

joint venture marketing

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