Get More Clients through Joint Venture Marketing Partnerships for Facebook Pages

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

Small business owners can benefit greatly by setting up Facebook pages to get more clients from a joint venture relationship. Setting up focused Facebook pages with marketing partners give businesses the capability to capture audiences that are very interested in a specific topic or reside in a certain location. The rewards from social media marketing can be tremendous when the campaigns are executed correctly for driving traffic to websites. Small business that are product focused companies can benefit immensely by creating joint venture marketing partnerships with companies that are capable of developing the right marketing campaigns, interact with large networks of social power users, and get the product in front of potential buyers. A well-executed Facebook page can be way more valuable than spending money to advertise on Facebook, people use the network to interact with friends, find interesting information, and get recommendations from their social graph and it’s these three activities that a business wants to tap into in order to generate revenue from a Facebook campaign to get more clients with joint venture marketing.

Facebook Marketing Partnerships

Building a Facebook page that generates lots of interest from a target demographic is not an easy task. However, when a partner has the ability to create fresh content that can be distributed through the right online users to the sites and places that create successful viral marketing campaigns a business can generate significant numbers of leads that result in sales. There are lots of expert marketing individuals and firms that have these experiences and small business owners that want to build a brand through social networks can develop joint venture partnerships with social media marketing as the focus. Instead of having to hire internally to develop and implement social media content and campaigns do a business deal to drive sales and brand awareness through Facebook.

Content for Page

The content that is required to get more clients through a Facebook page will be very diverse. It is important to have a combination of content that is interesting for visitors and fans of the page. Short blog articles are an important element for educating fans of the page about the products or company. Videos that are educational in nature and videos that are funny are more likely to be shared with other people or posted on other sites. Creating infographics or pictures that provide a lot of information through photos and short blurbs of text or display information in a unique way as to make a specific point, can be interesting and something people like to share with others.

Give Back to the Fan Community

It’s important to be open to developing a rewards program for fans on Facebook that purchase and use your products and recommend them to their family and friends through the social network. This can be accomplished in a few ways very easily. Provide special discounts that are time constrained and go out only to the people that are friends on the page. If you have excess inventory in a specific month work with your Facebook marketing partner to develop a unique campaign focused on that specific product and provide a significant deal to the Facebook network. Give fans of a product the ability to earn money through their own recommendations. Giving a fan a 5% revenue share for business leads that come through their social network is not a huge tax on the bottom line if it helps develop a long term customer. Another common reward, if applicable with the products being sold, is if someone refers three people to buy the product they get one for free or at a significant discount, this a common marketing tactic used by daily deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social to help promote social networking activities amongst the customer base.

Depending on the product or service you provide using picture contests on Facebook or other types of content contests is a great way to keep fresh photos, videos, and blog entries on the Facebook Fan page. Photo and video contests can be excellent ways to get people to not only share their own photos using a product, but also an opportunity for them to ask friends to vote for their picture so they can win the contest. So be open to giving back to the community that a joint venture partner develops to market the brand and products too. This will drive more traffic and participation from the community rather than a standard Facebook page that is only interested in pushing out content from one contributor and lacks incentives to share.

Utilize Facebook to engage with specifically targeted customer bases to establish a strong online brand in the market. Many small businesses have a better social media marketing experience when they establish a joint venture marketing partnership versus hire a marketing firm or just use internal employees to create a Facebook Fan page and develop a fan base. When executing a social media strategy make sure to service the community at large with rich and interesting content and allow for personal engagement with the page with the potential for reward, just for loving a company’s product and talking about them on Facebook.

christian fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A joint venture marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

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