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When you open a brick and mortar store, you employ plenty of tricks to entice new customers to walk through your doors. When you start your business online, the same philosophy applies. You need to attract customers to your website, so they will be enticed to shop for your products.

While joint ventures are the first step in increasing website traffic, what you do with that partnership will make all the difference. We have the basics of how to effectively bring more customers to you.

Social Networking

Social websites are the hot spot today, with Facebook boasting more than 500 million users. With so many people signing on, it is foolish for business owners not to make the most of this online tool. Social marketing strategies are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website today. Social networking can also help current customers keep up with your business by alerting them to new products or special promotions when they arise.

Advertising with Search Engines

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is through savvy use of the search engines. When your business rises to the top of the ratings, more potential customers will find you every day. Tools like Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture may cost money up front, but they will offer plenty of value in higher rankings and more customer traffic in the long run.

Write for Websites

Some websites allow you to write articles that include a link to your website. When you write an article on a topic related to your industry, you establish yourself as an expert in your field. Once a potential customer reads the valuable information you have to offer, he will be much more likely to click on your link and peruse your website as well. If you are not much of a writer, there are professionals selling their ghostwriting services for a reasonable fee.

Add Video

When you add video to your landing pages, you can improve your presence almost instantaneously. However, like the content you produce, the video must be relevant and informative to produce the desired effect. It might be best to hire a professional for the job to ensure your video is top quality and as effective as possible.

Link Up

Links are a fabulous way to network your business throughout the Internet. Link exchanges are common in joint ventures, where you are attracting a similar target market. However, links are equally effective with websites where you can publish articles and add your link with your tag at the bottom, usually in a biography or resource box. In addition, you could swap banner ads or classified ads with your joint venture partners.

When it comes to marketing an online business, driving more traffic to your website is the first step in building a good customer base. As the world of e-commerce becomes bigger, the process of increasing website traffic also becomes more complex and competitive. With these tips, you will help more potential customers find your website, increasing your sales and your bottom line.

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joint venture marketing

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