Joint Venture Marketing: An Overlooked Option to Improved Customer Service

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

It is widely known that the central tenant to any successful business is great customer service, and running an online business is no different from running a traditional business in this sense. Although you do not have face-to-face contact with your customers as you do in the setting of a traditional store, it is essential to still foster close relationships with your customers and provide them with exceptional customer service.

Turning the Online Disadvantage into a Strength

Because there is so much competition in the world of online businesses, it is almost even more important to deliver superior customer service when running an online business. Collaborating with other businesses to form a joint venture marketing venture is one way to increase your customer service capabilities. joint venture marketing can psychologically prompt your customer to perceive that you care about their entire wellbeing or convenience.

When you have personal contact with customers, it is much easier to make an impression and create a bond that will potentially lead to a strong business relationship. While this is more difficult with an online business, you can still make that great connection, especially with joint venture marketing. With an online business, you have fewer options and opportunities for giving that feeling of a personal touch, and it is vital that you capitalize on the resources for creating strong customer relationships that you do have.

Joint Venture Marketing: Joint Customer Service!

Forming a joint venture marketing partnership is a way to expand your resources for creating strong client relationships and providing customer service. In a joint venture marketing partnership, you agree, formally or informally, to partner with one or more other companies to share the responsibilities and reap the rewards of greater customer exposure. Once you have increased your client base through joint venture marketing, it creates a larger base of customers to provide good service to, but it also provides you with greater resources to do so.

If for instance, you run a pet accessories business, and you partner with a company that sells pet food products, the goal is that you will each gain some customers from one another based on their mutual interests in their pets. A person who likes to buy toys and accessories for their pet from you is likely to buy pet food products from your partner once they see your endorsement for the pet food products. You have created a link with this customer that you share with your joint venture marketing partner.

This new customer will now receive customer service independently from each of your companies, and since you put this customer in touch with your partner in the pet food products business, this customer now trusts you, and is likely to immediately trust your partner. But along with the independent customer service you and your joint venture partner will each provide, there is a piggyback effect – a connection in the customer’s mind and in practice. The added customer service outcome from a joint venture marketing partnership is also that you and your partner will keep an eye on the customers that you do have in common, which will enable you to provide more targeted personal service to your shared customers.

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

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