Joint Venture Marketing: Running Ads for Little to No Cost!

joint venture marketing

In the business world, or the world in general for that matter, getting something for nothing is a universally suspicious concept. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” “You always have to pay the piper,” and such slogans are so commonplace they are clichés—and beliefs on which most people were raised.

But when it comes to joint venture marketing, part of the beauty of such a partnership is that you can pool resources to get something greater for nothing or for a very little cost.

This sounds too good to be true of course, but if approached correctly, there is no reason that running advertisements and having successful marketing space on the internet needs to be a financial black hole.

Joint Venture Marketing Magic

One of the tenants of marketing is to develop an advertisement that mimics the look and style of an editorial article. This naturally lends weight and credibility to your ad, and usually leaves room for “sub-ads” within your advertising space, which can be shared by others in the same type of business.

If you get two or more joint venture marketing partners together that seek to connect to the same target group and use an editorial formatted style of advertisement – you can have as many advertisements released as you do partners who have websites by sharing ad space.

What helps to camouflage your ad even more, and makes this a successful technique, is that most editorial content includes advertisements in the text—it wouldn’t be editorial content if it wasn’t interrupted every once in awhile with advertisements, or if the author couldn’t say what he or she wanted to – even if it meant endorsing a product.  Magazine articles do this all the time – in fact, some articles are dedicated solely to discussing products. If you craft an advertisement to mimic this style, you’re on your way to a recipe for marketing magic.

To give you a clearer example, you probably have websites whose views you trust, businesses you routinely patronize, and products you regularly purchase.  If you go to one of your favorite websites for news, gossip, or to make purchases, seeing an advertisement for a product, magazine, or service automatically lends authority to the ad because you are already on a site that you trust. And if you trust this site, and they trust this product enough to advertise it, you can most likely trust that as well.

This technique can create magic because your exposure on other websites is only limited by the number of partners you have in your joint venture.  People often sell ad space on their websites, but if you enter into a joint venture partnership, an even exchange of advertising space can be part of your negotiations, which means that all parties benefit with little to no upfront costs. Marketing magic indeed!

joint venture marketing

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