Joint Venture Marketing + Camouflage Marketing = Increased Sales

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing and camouflage marketing together form a great strategy that will bring success to your Internet business. joint venture marketing is a type of marketing and advertising that centers on forming a partnership with one or more other business to maximize profits for all of the companies involved in the partnership.

Camouflage marketing is implementing the use of a well-known trigger where people draw conclusions about the nature of something based solely on its appearance. It is human nature to do this, and the combination of joint venture marketing and camouflage marketing uses this principle to maximize marketing strategy for the utmost benefit to the parties engaged in the enterprise. This combination of joint venture and camouflage marketing can:

  • Bring qualified prospects and leads to your website
  • Maximize offline prospects
  • Minimize your out-of-pocket costs

Camouflage Marketing

joint venture marketing is a fairly straightforward concept to grasp, but camouflage marketing is a newer concept, which requires a bit more attention to understand.

Camouflage marketing is a way of marketing that is hidden (hence, camouflaged) in everyday language and images. It implements a psychological mechanism that is at work all the time in the human brain, where we draw conclusions about the actual nature of something based solely on its appearance.

This form relies upon the old belief that “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.” This principle is at work in our brains all the time and is the basis for many of the split second decisions that we as human beings make all the time.

Make your advertisement look like an article

Camouflage marketing, in combination with joint venture marketing, can create a tremendously successful campaign—especially in how your advertisements come across to potential customers.  One trend that helps lend credibility to your advertisement is to craft your ad so that it looks like an informative article; this will lend credibility to your product and ultimately get more people to pay attention to your ad and your company.

The format of an article promises substantial and factual information, which will make your advertisement more authoritative. The editorial style carries the weight of integrity with it, as well as a positive emotional trigger, which can mean a boost in your sales!

This concept may initially sound a little suspect—as though you are manipulating your customers.  This is not the case at all! Most people know when they are looking at an advertisement vs. a scholarly article—there is no trick here. The thing that you are capitalizing on is the illusion of a factual, editorial article. And, let’s face it, all marketing and sales is about creating an illusion; we know that the pretty watch or the sexy car isn’t going to improve our looks or our love lives, but that is the way that many products are marketed, and what we, as a consumer society, happily buy into.

This type of camouflage marketing, combined with joint venture marketing, has the possibility of taking your business to a new level.

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

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