Key Partnering Checklists

Key Partnering Checklists

These are the checklists you should buy if you want to make a profit on your next partnering.

CPI’s Key Partnering Checklists is an organized series of checklists (with instructive comments) for the 11 most common types of partnering agreements. They are thorough enough for use by the most demanding attorneys, yet straightforward enough for easy use by busy executives without legal training.

The 7 most common primary agreements: Marketing and Distribution Agreements, License Agreements, R&D Agreements, Manufacturing/Supply Agreements, Outsourcing Agreements, and Facilities Management Agreements.

The 4 most common supplementary agreements: Guarantees, Letters of Credit, Proprietary Rights Agreements, and Non-competition Agreements.

Perhaps one of the most valuable part of the Key Partnering Lists is the CPI Legal Fee Guidelines for the checklisted agreements. For anyone who actually intends to implement a partnering, they alone are worth many times the price of this book. The guidelines are detailed and include estimated cost/time per task.

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