Offering Affiliate Referral Deals On Your Website

Depending on the business model of your company, offering affiliate referral deals on your website may be an excellent way to generate additional revenue. If your business has active online properties such as a blog or social media, than offering affiliate referral deals is something worth evaluating.

There are thousands of companies offering affiliate referrals for leads, everything from simple banner ads that pay revenue per click to ads that pay per email sign up. The options are endless and savvy business executives can establish their own business relationships outside of the typical ad networks and negotiate direct deals with companies that are interested in offering affiliate referrals for a better rate versus going through an ad distribution company. If you’re interested in sampling this revenue strategy, evaluate a few companies that have products and services that compliment your business and place their information prominently on your blog and social media sites and see what type of reaction your users have.

Test your Referral Deals

It’s very important when you start running affiliate referral deals on your blog or website that you test different options until you determine the types of product offerings your users are responding to and what type of ad works best for converting them into sales. The easiest methods initially are to sign up with a major ad network such as Commission Junction and its relevant ad programs. You’ll get immediate results on the numbers of clicks and sales conversions. Make changes quickly if you’re not seeing the desired results. Over a longer period of time you’ll be able to evaluate whether using this type of affiliate revenue opportunity works as part of your business model or not.

Variety of Affiliate Referral Programs

There are a variety of sites you can sign up with to get data about the types of products and services your user base actually care about. After you have solid analytics you can pursue an independent model to generate a larger percentage of each sale from the leads you are delivering. Amazon and eBay both have affiliate advertising networks and carry huge product catalogs. After you evaluate what works, reach out to companies in your local area that provide those specific products and create strategic business partnerships for your affiliate marketing.

If you already have an online presence that’s driving traffic, quickly evaluate affiliate offers that will not distract your customers from your products or services. Instead choose offers that complement your existing offerings and are a natural fit for your blog and social media accounts. Writing a post about an affiliate product will likely be a turn off your for your existing users if they get the feeling they’re simply being sold to. However; if you can take a consultative angle and help educate them about a product or service, this will enhance your image as a thought leader in your industry and earn additional revenue on the side. Be ready to kill affiliate offers that don’t work or ramp them up depending on the reactions you get from your users.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture and Referral Marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture and Referral relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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