Getting Business Referrals Fast

If you’re developing a small business or creating a new product or service getting referrals fast is crucial to finding customers quickly to help evaluate whether your business or product is really solving a market need. While there may be better methods for developing long-term business relationships that can drive large numbers of highly valuable leads to your business.

If you just need to get referrals fast to test a business hypothesis, the following list of ideas may land you some new customers quickly. Make sure you have a solid pitch ready to go including your follow through marketing materials and company website to reference when requested.

Simple ideas for generating referrals fast:

  • Ask family and friends to refer anyone that they know
  • Post a request and special incentive to your personal Facebook Page
  • Tweet a special discount
  • Ask Twitter followers to retweet a special promotion
  • Post messages on relevant web forums, include promotion and request referrals
  • Send Private Messages to connections on LinkedIn asking for referrals
  • Attend networking events and hand out as many business cards with request for referrals
  • Call your CPA and ask for referrals
  • Post a message to your school alumni web forum

Getting referrals quickly can sometimes be a challenge and getting a little help to spread the word about your business can help your efforts tremendously. If you’ve never used Fiverr for hiring people to support your marketing activities check it out, you may get lucky and find a few great people that can help reach your audience and amplify your existing attempts at driving referrals and new business leads.

Excellent Tasks for Outsourcing on Fiverr

  • Flyers posted at local universities
  • Retweet tweets and other supporting social media tasks
  • Post on blogs and web forums about your business
  • Create graphics and marketing collateral for use in promoting referral opportunity

Developing a little interest in your new business product or service is important to test the market and begin to engage with customers. Getting large numbers of referrals fast will take a much more detailed approach focused on relationship building to create solid channels that can funnel large numbers of qualified leads to your business. However; the ideas listed above work in generating interest quickly in what you’re doing and can be very helpful to get those first customers through the door and closed in a quick time frame.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture and Referral Marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture and Referral relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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