Strategic Partnering

Strategic Partnering

joint venture marketing

Small business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to tap new sources of capital, R&D assistance, marketing support, and other critical resources. Ready-to-use sample documents include a confidential disclosure agreement and a licensing agreement. Directory of US and foreign strategic partners. 15 illustrations.

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5 Stars Great book, covers his DEJ factor analysis
Buy any book by this author. Particularly of importance is his formula and approach called the DEJ factors, called the “Demonstrable Economic Justification” factors.

This book presents a general outline of approaching large companies with a licensing deal… for a product or business idea.

John Dunbar

5 Stars Top rated advice
I read two previous books by David Silver, WHEN THE BOTTOM DROPS and another whose name I don’t remember at this moment, and I can say that whatever A. David Silver produces is top quality information -most of it not available elsewhere, such as the 20 ways to profit from our customer list-. I am eager to read this book on Partnering.

Armando Ortega

Your friend in Chihuahua Mexico.

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