The Psychological Impact of Pricing

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Once you have your joint venture established, your thoughts must turn to the most effective ways to market your product or service within your JV partnership. A key component to successful marketing is the way in which you price your goods or services. Sometimes the smallest tweak to your pricing structure will make a big difference in your bottom line. We have four tips to help you motivate buyers by simply setting your price just right.

Price for “Savings”

Customers like savings, even if the savings are merely psychological. For example, you will see many more items on the market priced at $9.99 than an even $10.00. Why? Customers will see the product priced below the $10 threshold. In a customer’s subconscious, there is a big difference between those two numbers.

On larger ticket items, the psychological savings perception might even be greater. Try pricing a $400 product at $395 and see if your sales increase. If you use the perception of savings effectively in your JV marketing venture, you are sure to get much more value from your agreement.

Price for Affordability

Many companies find that when they have a large ticket item or service to sell, customers are much more likely to pull out their wallets if they break the full price down into affordable increments. You might see companies advertise the goods for “just $1 a day,” so customers don’t get overwhelmed with a yearly bill of more than $350. The customer will be more likely to bite because they won’t feel like they are getting more than they can chew all at once.

Price for Value

Another good marketing strategy is to bundle products into a single purchase so customers perceive they are getting more value for the money. A popular approach is to throw a freebie or two in with the regular purchase. You might advertise your special as a “buy one, get two free” deal. Customers love the idea of getting more for less, and they may be more likely to snatch up your offer if you toss a few extras in for good measure. You can even add free sample of complementary products that may boost your sales the next time that customer heads to your website.

Price for Bulk

Package deals also work well in the JV marketing realm if you price your products in groups or sets for a single low price. While one product may sell well at $20 a pop, you may find that three items selling for $50 a set sells even better. In this case, your customers believe they are getting the bargains they want, and you are boosting your sales by encouraging customers to purchase more than one product at a time.

Once you have your JV agreement in place, it’s time to make the most of your marketing approach by throwing in a few pricing strategies that have been proven to boost sales. These simple pricing tips are not hard to implement, and they may reap big rewards in terms of higher customer retention and larger sales overall.

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