The Mutual Benefits of Joint Venture Marketing

joint venture marketing

Joint ventures can be a great way to introduce your business to the general public or take your sales to the next level through increased exposure and endorsement. But how does your JV agreement benefit your bigger and more established partner?

The truth is that JV marketing is mutually beneficial to both parties, but in different ways. It is important to understand the benefits a potential partner will receive from a JV partnership with you before you go out on the hunt for JV affiliates. We will show you how both the endorser and the endorsee benefit from a JV partnership.

The Endorser

This is the partner who is willing to share your information with his customers in order to help you build your business. What’s in it for him? First and foremost, money. In most cases, the endorser receives a portion of your sales to keep your name associated with his business. While it may seem like you are giving a lot to get a little at the beginning, most endorsees find that the ultimate benefits of a JV marketing partnership are well worth the costs at the beginning of the process.

Beyond the profit-sharing benefit, there are other advantages of a JV partnership to an endorser. First, they can build their own customer base by recommending related products of other businesses. This simple endorsement is much less costly than developing and marketing new products of their own, but they still reap rewards in building customer trust and loyalty. The endorser also gets the advantage of seeing whether their current customers will bite at your products, giving them an indication of the types of products their customers might like in the future.

The Endorsee

As the endorsee, there are plenty of reasons to consider a JV marketing partnership or two when you are establishing your business. First, you get to link your business name to another business that is bigger and more experienced. Those customers are more likely to take your offerings seriously because they are endorsed by a business they already know and trust. You can compete with bigger companies because you are riding the coattails of another “Big Boy” in your sector.

Another major advantage to the endorsee is traffic. While you might be able to use search engine optimization tactics effectively to drive traffic to your website, it won’t be anywhere near the amount of customers you can reach through linking to a larger business. The traffic that is generated is also high quality traffic, since the customers on your JV affiliate are more likely to be interested in your goods and services as well.

While you may already be familiar with the advantages you reap from a JV marketing partnership, your endorser gets some benefits as well. It is important to identify those benefits before you meet with a potential partner, so you can present your case from their perspective as well as your own. A good JV marketing agreement should be seen as a mutually effective approach to selling a business and building a bottom line.

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joint venture marketing

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