Trained As A Professional – Now A Network Marketer

Network marketing

Was it hard for me to switch professions from an architect to a network marketer?  Most of the time when people ask there is an emphasis on network marketer.  Obviously network marketing is below a professional.  You may be thinking about making a change also.  The current ecnomic climate has been a challenge for most of my profession.  We experienced job lose for first time in our careers.  That is why you may be looking at other options including network marketing.  Your training allows you a measure of flexibilty in choice of work and opportunities.  All talents that you need to succeed in this business.

It will be difficult for you to avoid your feelings and stereotypes  for network marketers.  You may look at it as some what less than professional.  As a professional, you command respect in the room because you are the one with the answers.  It is our experience and expectation we have learned over time.  It is our experience that we can draw on to find a answers to our clients challenges.  Boy, were we fooled.  At college,   You were christen with the title professional.  In the business world, we learned, that is another word for salesman.

You have been refining your attributes for a number of years and you can use thos attributes in network marketing.  You attention will shift from your clients to your team members.  You are the go to person when people have troubles.  The strategies are the same but the challenges are different.  We are solving people cash flow problems and our skills are needed now more than ever.  We have been marketing, probably informally, because no ever told you to take a marketing class, for the last 10, 15, or 20 years.  We can grab the attention of ur audience.  Marketing presentations is something we do all the time.  You can use the training you have been doing to others who are afraid to make that call or the presentation.  Your talents are very valuable.

For last several years, you have been creating connecitons to others that you work with.  Your working relationship can be very strong.  Do not be afraid to share your new direction with others.  Your true friends will be there to support you in this endeavor.  As they say, “It the economy stupid” and you are responding to that.  Your support team will always be there and that will strength you.
Running your own business can be hard and you make decisions based on your input only.  Now is one of those times  It is your talent that you will have always with you to help you in your new adventure.  The talents and attributes that make up your business will be needed more than ever in your new adventure.  This is where the old ways will blend with the new as your continue your training.

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