What is a Joint Venture Giveaway?

joint venture marketing

Joint venture giveaways have become a popular marketing method that helps small businesses build customer lists quickly and effectively. Giveaways are special promotions where businesses offer free gifts to those willing to sign up for the business’s mailing list. The giveaways are listed throughout the Internet, allowing business owners to pick and choose the giveaway events that meet their specific needs best. At the same time you build a sizeable market base, you also sign up for other businesses, receiving their freebies in the process.

Benefits of a Joint Venture Giveaway

  • There are many reasons to consider signing on for a JV giveaway, including:
  • Your marketing list may grow exponentially in a relatively short period of time.
  • You have the opportunity to network with other Internet marketers that might be able to offer additional tips to make your own marketing efforts more productive.
  • The cost of the giveaway is split between the business owners, making this approach a good value for your advertising dollar.
  • The joint venture agreement naturally follows, with business owners forming agreements to advertise for one another and share a targeted market base.
  • Customers enjoy free products while you build your subscriber base quickly and effectively.

Tips for Choosing a Joint Venture Giveaway

To ensure your experience is successful, there are some important factors to consider before signing on, including:

Rules and Restrictions
Some joint venture giveaways require participants to have a minimum list of 1,000 subscribers before they can join. If you are still too small to offer a list of that size, look for smaller giveaways to begin. Once you’ve used the smaller events to build your subscriber list, you can work your way up to the larger giveaways with bigger returns.

Advertising Requirements
When you sign up for a joint venture giveaway, you will have to commit to advertising the event on your own website. Be prepared to make that happen right away or you won’t set a very good impression with the rest of the business owners in the pool

Marketing that Counts
Because joint venture giveaways are a one-shot deal, you have to make that initial customer contact count. This is a time when it might be worth paying a professional to write, or at least edit, the copy you post on the website. You can also piggyback your marketing by offering a one-time special on an initial purchase in addition to your free giveaway. This gets interested customers curious enough to head to your website for a possible purchase.

A joint venture giveaway is a great opportunity to build a market base quickly and effectively. When you add subscribers to your email list, you are automatically marketing to a larger audience without a great amount of additional cost or effort involved. The idea of offering freebies to customers may also entice them to your products, boosting your sales through one of the oldest advertising tricks still used effectively today.

Joint venture giveaways can be a win-win for you, your customers and other businesses that choose to partner with you for the sake of building a bigger, better bottom line.

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joint venture marketing

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