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Do you know how your customers view your joint venture business? And how do you treat your customers? Consumer psychology is important when you consider how you promote your JV business and develop products or services. In fact, it’s an integral part of the business process. You and your JV partner should be aware and understand consumer needs in order for your joint venture to expand and be successful.

Consumer psychology is based on several factors. The following are just a few of the important factors that help shape the consumer psychological profile for a particular business.

Purchase Experience

A consumer wants to have a pleasant purchasing experience. Spending hard-earned money, especially in a down economy, is a big responsibility to the consumer. They want to know that they are getting value.

Is your product or service a faceless, anonymous item with no personality? Or do you market and package your product with style and flair? The packaging of your product plays a big part in how a consumer views the quality. Even if your JV offers a service, the method of marketing and promotion gives the consumer a good idea of the quality.

Pricing also fits under this category. You don’t have to sell the cheapest product, but be sure you offer great value for your pricing strategy.

Customer service is also very important. If you sell your product or service directly, the more personable your sales clerks and staff are, the better experience your customers will have. Also, be ready to satisfy customers who have complaints and questions about your JV product or service.


The quality of your product or service will determine whether your customer returns and spreads the word about your JV business. If you sell a product that falls apart or turns out to be low quality for the price, you can be sure it will have a negative effect on future business.

Your JV business should always focus on quality. Your service should always have experienced staff (which may be you), which serves the client well. If your JV manufactures and sells a product, be sure that the materials are of the best quality, and the process is efficient so that your consumer will value what he buys.


Innovation plays a big part in consumer psychology. Does your JV meet a specific niche?  Did you and your joint venture partner develop an innovative way to present a product or service? Consumers value a product or service that doesn’t fit an old mold. New technology, innovative design, and additional services – all these elements can be innovative to your JV business. Consumers will value innovation in your product so don’t neglect it when you and your JV partner start your venture.

You and your JV partner need a strategic consumer strategy when you form your joint venture business. Be sure to consider how your customers will approach and value your product or service from the outset.

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