3 Psychological Factors That Affect Your Joint Venture Success

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Have you ever been afraid of success? Why is it that when presented with opportunities that can make your business grow or earn you more profit, most small business owners will reject it because it is too hard or takes too much effort? Your attitude toward making your business grow and become more successful plays a big part in how and if you succeed. That is why when presented with the option for a joint venture you should consider these three things that could make or break your success.

Carry a Positive Attitude

An attitude that says, “I hate that I have to go to work today!” will be your demise. Why are you in business if you dislike it so much? Only those entrepreneurs and small business owners that absolutely love their job will make it a success. Attitude carries over onto employees as well. If the owner is unhappy, the employees will be unhappy as well and produce less.

That is why your attitude needs to be in the right place. A positive attitude is what will make your business and any potential JV a success. Not your skill. Not luck. Not your extensive Rolodex. Give it ATTITUDE!

Deserve It

So many people carry around guilt or other psychological issues that weigh down their ability to create success.  Perhaps they had a rough childhood.  Or did not go to or finish college.  Perhaps a few failed marriages can get a business owner in a mindset that he’s not worthy.  With this kind of mindset, it is easy to see how someone may feel afraid of accomplishment or actually succeeding.

The fact is that everyone is worthy. And though none of us deserve success by default, as though the world owes us a living, it is up to us individually to accept our worthiness. Accept that were you to succeed in a joint venture – you deserve it! There is nothing morally, ethically, or even legally wrong with creating JV success. Go get it!

Release the Anchors

Sometimes we just need to let go. The issues we carry around with us can feel as heavy as the weight of the world. You may owe the IRS thousands of dollars in back taxes. Or perhaps your marriage is failing and the failure is creeping into your business. Or worse yet, you’re constantly get nagged by your spouse, parents, or friends about this ridiculous notion of running a business. Whatever anchors you carry with you must be left at the door when you go to work.

Anchors, like those on a ship, will keep you stagnate and planted in one place without forward momentum. You must learn to let go of the issues that prevent your momentum and ignore those who do not believe. Only you have the power to believe in yourself.
Success is never easy.  But a positive attitude is always free. With your freedom from anchors that drag you down and a deserving attitude, you are unobstructed to move forward and enjoy a successful JV partnership.

christian fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A joint venture marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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joint venture marketing

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