Beginning a Joint Venture with Limited Capital

joint venture marketing

A business needs exposure to grow, particularly if it is a small business just starting out in the industry. However, these small companies also tend to have limited advertising budgets, making it challenging to get their names out to the general public. Many business owners have turned to joint ventures to stretch their advertising dollars, but you may be unsure of how this approach can help, given your tight budget and recent foray into the field. We have tips to help you begin a successful joint venture, no matter how limiting your current financial situation might be.

Building a Business Brand

The first step in a successful marketing campaign is to build a familiar business branding that customers can easily identify. Joint ventures make this process much simpler by allowing newer businesses to piggyback on the names and reputations of more established companies. If customers are loyal to one brand, they will be more likely to purchase a brand associated with the original business.

You don’t need much initial capital to partner with bigger businesses; simply research the needs of the business you are interested in and find out what your company could bring to the table to make the joint venture partnership complete.

Pooling Resources

The best feature of online marketing is that it doesn’t cost a small fortune to use many of the effective tools at your disposable. The cost of Internet marketing can also be cut exponentially by pooling resources with other companies involved in your joint venture.

While one partner can effectively split the cost of marketing with your business, those with truly limited advertising dollars can sign on with more than one JV partner to reduce marketing costs even further. This approach offers the biggest bang for your advertising dollar by granting you maximum exposure to potential customers with little up-front costs involved.

Finding Cheap Tools

Online marketing offers a virtual plethora of advertising options, which range in cost from very pricey consultants to free tools you can easily learn to use on your own. Social marketing outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent options for expanding your company exposure with little or no cost to your business. Creating a blog also doesn’t cost much money, but can be a good way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and market your company to potential customers.

You might also find that your JV partners have experience with particular advertising tools and are prepared to share their knowledge with you, especially if you can return the favor with expertise of your own in a different area.

Joint ventures are an effective marketing method, whether you have a little or a lot of capital to bring to the table. Research potential partners before you approach them to find out how your knowledge or resources could complement their own business offerings. Learn to use online marketing tools cheaply and effectively to enhance your public exposure. With a few handpicked JV partners at your side, your online marketing efforts are sure to bring a good value for your initial advertising investment.

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joint venture marketing

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