Joint Venture Marketing: Utilizing Super Affiliates

joint venture marketing

Setting up a joint venture marketing partnership is a great way to reach a specific niche market and to promote your products, services and business. Many joint venture marketers have also begun to use “super affiliates” to help promote their companies.

What is a Super Affiliate?

An affiliate marketer who is capable of generating a significant percentage of the profits of an affiliate program’s revenue is referred to as a “super affiliate.”  Affiliate marketing is widely popular, and it is a quickly growing Internet-based marketing practice.  Webmasters and business owners partner with affiliates, who then derive their income from a commission of their generated sales.

Affiliate marketing is also the umbrella name for the industry where these different types of companies and individuals perform the marketing function of driving traffic to a second or third party’s website.

Joint Venture Marketing and Super Affiliates

joint venture marketing is more than a simple partnership that relies on the mutual promotion of products. This is a good place to start, but the true joint venture partnership is more of a well-rounded endeavor.  Many joint marketing partnerships recruit super affiliates to gain a competitive edge. Most super affiliates have numerous contacts, as well as products that they can promote, which make a joint venture partnership attractive to both the super affiliate and the company in need of marketing assistance.

Successful joint venture marketing often does hinge on who you know, and if your contacts are weak because you are a new business trying to gain an Internet presence, affiliate marketers and super affiliates can help you reach a niche you may not have had access to, gaining business and clients you may not have previously been able to access.

Super affiliates can assist your business because they market for a living. Marketing may be part of your business, but if you are developing products and services, you most likely don’t have the bankroll to employ a marketing team, or the time, energy and often the expertise to develop a strong marketing strategy yourself. Super affiliates come built in with contacts, know-how and the experience that you may lack to fully and reliably promote your product.

Super affiliates generally work on commission – they will receive a percentage of the sale associated with each person they direct to your site that results in a profit. Initially, this may not sound fair—why should they make money from a product that is yours?  But think about it—in the case of super affiliates, they are often the sole reason for this new sale of yours—so splitting a profit with them is much more palatable.

The affiliates and super affiliates also usually only get a percentage of the first sale that they generate – the sale that they have specifically directed to your site. If the customer they directed to your site becomes a repeat client, the super affiliates are often not privy to making future profits from initial sales that they direct your way.  Thus, in a joint venture marketing plan, utilizing affiliates and super affiliates is really a win-win combination!

joint venture marketing

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