Personal Commitment

Commitment refers to a promise or assurance. It is one of the most important personal qualities that any employer in the IT industry would expect.

One must have the inclination to fulfill one’s professional commitment at all costs. Often, adherence to commitment may cost you your time, effort, or other resources. But the greatest personal satisfaction is derived from delivering results and keeping up your commitment.

In everyday work situations, you may demonstrate commitment in several ways. One of the most common situation which causes irritation to many clients to many clients, as well as peers, is the delay in replaying to mails or retuning phone calls. or passing on messages to somebody who was out of seat. These are instances when others would acknowledge your personal commitment and trustworthiness in the organization. Even if there is no correct response ready, the promise to get back in a time frame is usually well appreciated.

Personal commitment and sincerity is also called for in situations when you have to deliver any goods, services, or any sub-task of a project, on time to your internal or external customer. You are expected to put in hard work to meet any commitment. Planning and scheduling skills are helpful in such situations, which involves accomplishing a task thoroughly with concern for all aspects, no matter how small, One must establish a course of action to accomplish specific goals.

Every deliverable must be on time. Remember, Result matter, Reasons don’t. Excuses have no place and would invariably create a negative impression.

To avoid situations where you may give excuses, do the following :

– Seek help and get the required resources, in situations where some resources may be lacking
– Avoid procrastination and do the task at hand
– Follow-up with others, if a particular decision pertaining to your task has not yet been taken
– Seek help if there is insufficient time for completion of a task

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