Six Effective Tactics To Generate Traffic For Your Website

Web traffic, as the maxim goes, is the fuel of every online enterprise.  Allow me to present to you half a dozen surefire ways that will help you achieve the traffic that your online enterprise will need:

1.    Search engine marketing (SEM.  that 80% of the number of visitors that you will be able to get for your homepage will directed by the search engines.  Therefore, it is highly essential that your pages will be formatted for easy classification by the major search engines in cyberspace.  This can be done via proper keyword research and usage.  By finding good keywords related to the subject of your enterprise, you can garner the favor of search engine spiders and strongly compete for a good position in SERPs.

2.    Article marketing.  Compose articles relevant to the topic of your website.  Include a resource box discussing yourself or your enterprise, and of course, containing a link to your website.  Publish this article and bio box to big article directories like and  Do this at least once every day and in no time you’d enjoy hundreds of back links leading to your website.

3.    Yahoo Answers.  Yahoo Answers is one of the quickest techniques that will help your website get listed in search engines in a matter of hours.  Just search for open questions related to the topic of your business, answer them to the best of your abilities, and leave your URL when asked to city your source.  Yahoo Answers will fetch direct traffic and it will build for you premium back links from what Google deems as an important resource site.

4.    Blogging.  Search engines absolutely adore blogs.  By maintaining a blog and regularly publishing posts that include your website’s URL, you will be able to garner more back links for your website and you’ll be able to make iteasy for search engines to find and present your web pages.

5.    YouTube marketing.  Change your content into a simple video and distribute the same over at YouTube to immediately get the attention of millions of internet users who frequent that popular cyber hangout.  And don’t forget, Google has a love affair with YouTube videos!

6.    Press releases.  Several online and print publishers are always looking for news items to republish.  They consult newswires where a variety of parties distribute newsworthy articles.  By writing a newsworthy item about your website and uploading the same to a big online newswire like, you’d be able to push your online enterpriseto garner a lot of visitors.

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