Why a Joint Venture Can Jump Start Your Online Business

joint venture marketing

In today’s current economic climate, many new entrepreneurs are foregoing the pavement pounding in lieu of starting an online business. Starting and running a website that offers helpful services to others can lead to steady income and even great riches. But unfortunately, most new online businesses fail. Why? They didn’t attract and keep the amounts of traffic needed to grow and sustain growth. However, if you are currently running a new online business, you may wish to consider online joint ventures to spur your growth.

An online business has a practically unlimited amount of potential customers. Anyone around the world with a computer and a modem can access your website. For some successful online businesses, they have tapped into a good portion of that market and have millions of customers and/or subscribers. But did they do it alone? Not likely.

The only way to access so many Internet users is to get the word out about your online business. And online joint ventures can do just that. Here are some of the ways that have made prominent online businesses successful:

  • Affiliate Program – Find other online businesses that are successful and drive a lot of traffic. Talk with the website owner about joining together with an affiliate program. As an affiliate, they agree to market your website and product with a special link. Any time that a visitor clicks that link and buys your online product, service, or subscription, then the affiliate receives a portion of that sale. Usually about 50% is the norm for affiliate profit sharing. But with potentially hundreds of affiliates, that could translate into thousands of new customers for you.
  • Database Sharing – Your website depends upon getting information to customers and potential customers. However, you do not have the numbers of subscribers you need to grow and build a huge online empire. Try a joint venture with other website owners who have large databases of customers. Perhaps for promoting their website or marketing their product, you can ask for access to their databases to help build your customer contact list.
  • Reputation Building – The little guy always struggles to get noticed and respected. But if you are worthy enough, try forming a joint venture with another online website that has the popularity and reputation for delivering quality. Simply by being associated with a reputable website, you automatically gain respect and an endorsement as well.
  • Co-Authoring – Is another website owner popular for providing helpful and useful information? Try to form a joint venture where you can both co-author an online brochure or guide for your customers. He gets exposure for his website and you get a great endorsement from someone who is known to deliver quality.

Online businesses have proven that they can thrive in a weak economy. It’s important, however, that an online entrepreneur not try to go it alone. Seek the proper joint ventures and watch your traffic and sales grow.

christian fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A joint venture marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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joint venture marketing

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  1. Excellent Article! Finding the right joint venture partners even if it’s a competitor can prove highly profitable. Always think outside the box and help others to help you.

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