3 Important Strategies for an E-Business JV

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There are at least a million and one ways to form a joint venture and work together in business. One of the fastest-growing business fields is e-business or online commerce.  With an e-business, you can work with virtually any potential JV partner anywhere in the world to develop, maintain, and grow your online presence and profits.

Here are some proven and wise strategies you should consider when starting an e-business JV:

1. Decide What Your JV Will Offer

Part of your JV planning process is brainstorming and deciding what your e-business will offer customers and how you will deliver it. Will it be a service or product business? If it is a service, who will provide it? Will it be a service given in person or presented from the JV business website?

If product oriented, will it be co-manufactured or assembled? What shopping cart software will you use? Who will manage the orders? Who manages the supply chain and shipping? Will you offer more products as the e-business grows? These are important questions and must be answered in order to form an effective online business management strategy.

2. E-Business Process Management

Your e-business process management must align with your business objectives. Once you are able to visualize your business objectives, you can begin setting up a process management system that can help your JV achieve those objectives.

Your e-business process management system is the tool or tools your joint venture partnership chooses that will deliberately and systematically manage your e-business process. A large part of the process management is the software and hardware you decide to use that manages and maintains your website. Where will your e-business website be hosted? On your own server or at a third party? Who will design the website and what bells and whistles will be used? How will your customers be managed throughout their browsing experience from the landing page to checkout? There are many expensive, cheap, and free tools available that can help you run and manage your joint venture e-business. Find the ones that work for your e-business and budget.

3. Mind Your SEO

A successful online business, just like a brick and mortar shop, must be able to attract customers through advertising and from web searches. In addition to paid advertising your website must be built and managed with search engine optimization, or SEO, in mind.

SEO is a process where you make your e-business website easy to find for your customers who search for your products or services through keywords on a search engine such as Google. Here are just a few of the important elements your website should have to help it get noticed by customers:

  • Well-designed – Your e-business website should be easy to read and navigate. Don’t fill it up with too many graphics or try to put too much information on one page. Make sure your readers can easily understand your text copy and that all images are used sparingly.
  • Keywords – Saturated throughout your website should be important keywords that pertain to your business. Keywords are the lifeline between your website and search engines.
  • Links – A website is ranked not only by how relevant the keywords, but also by how popular it is. Try to get links to your website from other popular websites such as Yahoo! business directories, review sites, message boards, and from other online businesses.

Be sure to formulate a good online business joint venture strategy that will help your internet presence grow and become profitable.

christian fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A joint venture marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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joint venture marketing

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