4 Steps to Protecting Yourself in a Joint Venture

joint venture marketing

A joint venture is a strategic partnership between two businesses, designed to broaden the target market base and subsequent profits of both companies. While joint ventures are an effective marketing tool widely used today, all parties involved must understand the process of creating a JV.

To ensure your joint venture efforts meet the expected benefits, take the proper steps to protect your individual interests within the partnership.

Look at the Big Picture

Before entering into any type of joint venture relationship with another company, consider how the agreement will specifically impact your business. Since the ultimate goal is to increase your customer base and profits, determine whether an agreement with the specific company you are considering will actually meet this purpose.

The best joint venture partners are those who cater to a similar market base without directly competing with your products or services. The partner company should also have similar goals and plans to ensure you’re working toward a common end throughout the process.

Get it in Writing

Secure joint ventures put the details of the agreement into a legally binding contract that protects the interests of everyone involved. A legal contract will include the purpose of the joint venture, specific instructions on how profits and resources will be divided, and a set term for the partnership to exist.

Both companies should sign and date the agreement to make it legal and binding. You can create your contract through templates found online or through an attorney’s office that specializes in this type of business relationship.

Use Every Tool

Because joint ventures primarily revolve around marketing techniques, educate yourself about the various marketing tools at your disposal prior to creating your JV partnership. When you are knowledgeable about the different types of online marketing tools at your disposal, you’re in a better position to negotiate for the resources that will advertise your business most effectively. Once your joint venture is official, be prepared to use those marketing tools to your fullest advantage to ensure your JV is a profitable success.

Reevaluate as Necessary

Once your partnership is established, evaluate the status of the agreement regularly to ensure it is still working in your favor.

If the joint venture begins to lose its luster, communicate with your partners in a timely fashion to rectify the contributing problems or dissolve the partnership completely if necessary. If you did your homework up front, your JV contract should also contain information about steps to take if the joint venture ceases to be profitable at a certain point. Nothing can drag your business down faster than a joint venture that no longer works to your advantage.

Like any business dealing, it’s important to protect the interests of your company when heading into a joint venture agreement. By following the steps listed above, you can rest assured your joint venture will work for your company to its fullest advantage.

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joint venture marketing

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