Offer the Ford dealership a barter deal with a local radio station

In response to @PeterSantilli post: A HUGE Ford dealership here in town appears to be closed. No humans around, just a lot of overpriced inventory.

Idea: Go to a local radio station that services the same city as the Ford dealership your talking about. Talk to the General Manager or Promotional Manager. Tell him/her that if you can provide them with 10 cars for free, would he offer you free advertising on their radio station at a 1:1 ratio of the retail value of the car. The radio can offer the cars as a promotional program to their listeners or give the cars as company cars to their directors (you take one for yourself for putting the deal together). If they are interested,  you go to the Ford dealer, talk to their GM.  Tell him you have arranged a way go get the dealership $300,000 (10 cars at a retail rate of $30,000 each) worth of radio advertising in exchange for 10 non-asset bearing cars they have sitting on their lot. The Ford dealership could get the benefit of their under utilized assets in exchange for the radio advertising to bring more customers in to sell their existing inventory. Position yourself as a broker between the Ford dealership and the radio station.

Something to thing about on ways to use under utilized assets of companies to create beneficial deals for all parties involved.

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