• Facebook marketing holds key to future profits2

    Facebook marketing holds key to future profits With nearly 100 million people using Facebook, 78% of them use their mobile devices to access the network. By 2017 it’s expected that 154.7 million Americans will be using Facebook. New Facebook Marketing Research Shows What Works The latest research on Facebook marketing shows interesting trends and opportunities. Use this to update your Facebook

  • 10 Referral Marketing Ideas for Your Business0

    Marketers spend endless time inquiring, pondering and strategizing to help improve business for their consumers, thus increasing their own. Having a few referral marketing ideas to bounce around in meetings or just in your mind, may help to increase your businesses opportunities, marketing strengths, and ultimately, customer base. Helpful Referral Marketing Ideas 1. Mull over

  • Affiliate Referral Programs Generate Leads and Deliver Revenue0

    Affiliate referral programs can be both a source of new business leads and incoming revenue if you have an existing customer base that’s ready to try your product or service recommendations. Deciding to participate in affiliate referral programs is not an easy one for most small business owners as there are many pros and cons


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