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Just like you, every month, I sit down and rip open my bills.

Most of them are on auto-pay or they drop right into my inbox because I’ve opted out of the annoying paper versions.

But, still, some companies just keep hanging on.

And, I think for good reason… there’s money in that envelope.  It’s another extremely “underutilized asset” that companies all over are over-looking.

In fact, my last credit card statement had some offer for life insurance in there. Credit cards and life insurance… another strange bedfellow that seems unrelated.  But it works.

Today, I’m going to give you a quick run-down on what I consider to be the top 5 most over looked joint venture marketing opportunities out there today. In most cases, to utilize these resources, you wouldn’t need to spend a dime on ads or marketing.

They are fast, easy, and profitable.

Here they are…

1. Billing Statements.  I mentioned this, but here are a few more details.  For the cost of printing an insert you can usually make a deal with a company to include your offer in their next bill. Purchases and leads are tracked and the company doing the billing gets a cut in the action.

Not only that, but many companies have paperless billing now, so the bill drops right into their customer’s email. Depending on your market, this could be very valuable to you… with a click, they could be looking at your stuff.

2. Thank You Notes/Letters.  These days, grateful companies are hard to find. But saying “thank you” could be a huge “underutilized asset” for you and them.  Consider a thank you note that makes the customer feel appreciated and cross-sells them a valuable product or service.

3. Upsell.  You can partner with another company and use your product as an enticing upsell to what they are offering.  They are already building the relationship with the customer, they already have won their trust, they are already proving that their customer base will buy… adding you in the mix requires no extra effort and can potentially crank up both of your revenues.

4. Bonuses. Businesses of all kinds – but especially information marketers and online businesses – are always looking for bonus products and services to help “close more customers”.  Your product could be the exact thing they need. Depending on what you have, you could offer it for free or steeply discounted and then add new, proven buyers to your database – buyers who are obviously interested in your offer. Very powerful. Very profitable. Cost of acquisition? Could be zero.

5. Incentives. This is similar to bonuses but different in that it can be more hands-on and public. For example, radio shows, newspapers, and other businesses are regularly running promotions, sweepstakes and other deals.  They need something to give away or offer. That “something” could be your stuff, giving you broad exposure, with minimal up-front costs or effort.

See how many different kinds of joint efforts efforts are possible? See what the extreme rewards can be? See how much easier this could be than dialing for dollars or spending enormous amounts of money on ads?

That is the power of joint venture marketing.

“But,” you say, “how do I find these companies to work with and when I do, how to I approach the deal?”

I’ll address that specifically in my next message to you: where’s Waldo anyway?


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