zero costs, 7 days, $40,000 in profits its there for you

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

I call it Collaborative joint venture marketing

And the profits are screaming, the effort is minimal, and the benefits rock.

Maybe I should call it “Easy Street Marketing”?

I know… I know… that all sounds far too “hyped up” and full of camel dung. Believe what you will.

But, over the next few days, I’m going to prove to you that there is intense power behind joint venture marketing. Not only that, but I’m going to show you more than 5 specific, measurable, instant tactics that you can use to make it work for you… right now, using existing resources inside your company.

And, I promise, there’s no camel dung allowed.

Today, I’ve got two short stories for you.  Inside these stories are embedded specific techniques, ideas, and concepts that you should be able to use in your business… no matter what it is.

So, yeah, these are nice stories, proving to you what is possible with joint venture marketing, but they are also powerful ways for you to start understanding the process.

Here’s the stories…

Dinner was served and it was awesome.

But, I was only half focused on the food… far more so on the conversation.

Sitting across from me were two new friends of mine. A nice couple from the Netherlands. For the past 30 minutes we’d been talking about their software business – they make a cool program that helps collection junkies organize their CD, DVD, and comic book collections. Even Martha Stewart is using this stuff.

(If you happened to be a collection junkie, email me and I’ll give you their domain name – great software.)

They were drilling me with questions like:

** What is the difference between a Joint Venture and an Affiliate program?

** How do you find companies to collaborate with?

** Once you find them, how do you approach them? What do you say? What legal stuff do you need? What do you offer them?

** What are some of the best tactics to use when marketing your collaborative efforts? And who pulls the trigger – you or the other guy?

40 minutes of rapid fire.  It was great.

Nothing like being peppered for info on your favorite topic.

Meanwhile, the guy next to me is quietly listening in and enjoying his lunch.

When we hit a lull in the conversation, he pipes up, “You Christian, pretty interesting stuff.  I’ve never heard it outlined like that.  I just did a killer joint venture marketing effort and didn’t even realize I’d done it.”

I was surprised to hear that.  I said, “So, how’d it turn out for you?”

“Well,” he continued, “I was beating my head against the wall in my market. It was just killing me. Doing mostly PPC stuff on Google and paying like $5 a lead. I knew I could do better, but how?  Well, my wife’s cousin is the President of this large organization and read a couple articles I wrote.

She love them.  In fact, she asked if she could share them with her list of around 100,000 people. Stupid me, I shrugged and told her to go for it.

Well, over the next 7 days our servers got hammered. In the end, I got over 5,000 in new orders and leads worth over $40,000 and didn’t pay a single dime for it.”

I smiled. Yeah, that’s the power of joint venture marketing right there.

It made me think of the massive payment processing company my business partner and I put together.  We went from bootstrapping and barely rubbing two nickels together, to creating over $187,980.00 in profits a month.

And we did it all in less than a year with joint venture marketing and an ad budget of a couple of peanuts over zero.

The engine behind that was tapping into some past banking relationships my partner had.

Those relationships are something I call “underutilized assets” and EVERY company on the planet has enough of them to double or triple their business in 12-24 months.

Like I said, in the next few days, I’m going to show you exactly how you can tap into the power of joint venture marketing.  Tomorrow, I’ll give you the first of five specific tactics you can instantly use.

I’ll send you the next story in 2 days:  Strange Bedfellows… JetBlue and Christy Turlington


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joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

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