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Christian Fea

11693 San Vicente Suite 171 Los Angeles, CA 90049 • 949-375-0215

Business Profit Architect

Sixteen-plus years of success blending technical, business building, marketing, automaton, client services and management expertise to achieve client centered desired results.


Highly flexible, versatile, self-starter Marketing/Technology consultant with a diverse background and experience in developing high ROI marketing and sales systems, new product and service creation, optimization of existing marketing systems, web & mobile application criteria, marketing automation system creation and e-commerce solutions. Client facing, front line experience in a sales-driven environments coupled with professional services/consulting history. Excel at distinguishing actual real word, read between the lines requirements from overly complex and bloated perceived needs. Self-motivated, quick-learner who readily adapts to ever-changing situations, varied management styles and fast paced growth through cutting-edge marketing strategies, tactics and technologies to achieve budget based expectations in time sensitive, unrealistic time lines and project environments.

Core competencies include:


  • Marketing Strategy Optimization
  • Company Growth
  • Project/Team Leadership
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Sales & Marketing Automation


  • Referral System Creation
  • Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Membership & Recurring Profit Systems
  • Project Management
  • Client System Integrations
  • Budget & Schedule Control
  • Marketing Needs Assessment
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Customer Presentations Video Screen Casts & Webinars
  • Web and Mobile Application Development

Professional Experience

Synertegic, In., Los Angeles, CA                                                             2/2007 – Present

President & CEO

Synertegic, Inc. is  a high tech marketing consultancy that specializes in developing optimized business and marketing programs for Business owners and Entrepreneurs. Such programs are designed to create new leads and prospects, create higher conversion rates, both online and offline by increasing transactional checkout amounts, increasing transactional frequency, reducing client turnover while optimizing the entire system to produce automated sales funnels and profit underutilized sales opportunities. By working closely with each client, we attempt to find underutilized assets that can be joined with other resources to form hybrid business models. Typical projects consist of conceptualizing new profit centers, creating, launching and optimizing marketing programs and systems  for business owners and entrepreneurs. Ideally, we assist you to create passive, residual income systems through joint ventures, partnership programs, endorsed referral programs, licensing deals and technology automation systems.

  • Creation of a strategic marketing plan that primarily focuses on the primary pillars of business growth. New client acquisition, increasing transactional purchase amounts, increasing frequency of purchase, reducing client turn over and transitioning existing clients into your brand ambassadors for reducing your CPCA (cost per client acquisition).
  • Optimizing you and your teams daily schedule and priorities to work on activities and relationship building that produce direct profits while minimizing operational time wasting activities that can be delegated or even removed altogether.
  • Creation of persuasive and inexpensive ways to generate more leads and prospects with a higher propensity for conversion and sales for your products or services.
  • Creation of an optimized sales funnels that produces the highest ROI.
  • Creation of referral systems that turn clients and customers into your best performing sales channel through automation, follow-up email sequences, personal phone calls and text based reminders and rewards programs.
  • Creating client focused advertising messages that are distributed through the proper online marketing channels to pull in  willing buyers to your business on a daily basis.
  • Creation and modification of placing your products and services in the proper niche or sub-niche that uniquely identifies your business as the emotional, logical and obvious choice while comparing your offerings to your competitors.
  • Creation of follow-up, client retention and satisfaction surveys to further define your offerings from the perspective of your clients and not your perceived, internal reasons and conclusions of why your offering is beneficial to your clients.
  • Creation of a systematic approach to introducing, creating or partnering for newer, more profitable products and services that are laterally associated or logically next in process in the minds of your clients.
  • Creation of systems that reengages old, dormant clients to come back into your sales funnels for a better, more satisfying product or service experience.
  • Creation of new distribution systems based on your existing, proven message through low cost tests to determine ROI and the possibility of a larger rollout.
  • Creation of an internal process that allows your team members to directly contribute to your product and service offering while transitioning them from hourly of fixed rate compensation models to performance pay models.
  • Creation of cost reduction strategies that offload high priced, operational tasks to low cost crowd based personnel solutions.


Internet Transaction Services, Inc., Long Beach, CA                                    1/2002 – 4/2013

Technology & Marketing Consultant

Advance and bolster all technical operations for Credit Card, ACH, and Check 21 processing service. In charge of architecting hardware and software of processing platform. Ensure top-level performance of 6-member development team with direct accountability for staffing initiatives and annual reviews. Supported company’s strategic vision via forecasting, hardware / software assessments, and budget preparation. Formulate and execute action plans for architecture, features & benefits, merchant integrations, and domestic & international banks acquiring processing networks. Deliver effective presentations to prospective merchants, agents, technology partners, and investors.

  • Captained team to develop Transaction Management System (TMS), an ACH, credit card, Web-phone, and Check21 E-Commerce processing platform for Internet based merchants.
  • Spearheaded development team while integrating 14 different credit card, ACH, and Check21 solutions into TMS system.
  • Certified TMS with MasterCard and VISA CISP program.
  • Engineered consumer helpdesk system, merchant reporting system, general ledger & Web-based accounting system, and merchant online application and workflow system.
  • Instrumental in negotiating sale of private label processing gateway for $500K.
  • Authored security manual for Visa Certification.
  • Consistently remained ahead of schedule to meet tight budget and time constraints.
  • Slashed costs 75% by using open source technologies and server consolidation techniques.
  • Built and led a highly effective development team by identifying and using members’ strengths and enforcing best coding practices.
  • Produced higher quality code, thus reducing bugs and QA testing by advocating extreme (peer-based) programming techniques.

Century National Insurance, North Hollywood, CA                                       10/2000 – 6/2002

E-Commerce Systems Developer Consultant

Designed and reengineered online insurance quoting systems, including utilizing Coldfusion and Java to integrate into EAS HP backend. Enabled system to deliver online quotes for homeowner, mobile home, and auto insurance.

  • Designed consumer-focused, full-service quoting, purchasing, billing, and account management system.

Computer Science Corporation, El Segundo, CA                                         2/2000 – 10/2000

E-Commerce Systems Developer Consultant

Designed both logical and physical aspects of 3-tier Intranet Order Processing system from concept. Full responsibility for SQL installation, as well as database and table design. Utilized Coldfusion, SQL, and stored procedures for queries and system security. Proposed and configured Compaq 3000, RAID 5 fault tolerant server.

  • Successfully developed new Intranet Order Processing system for 60,000 employees.

Omnikron Systems, Inc., Calabasas, CA                                                     8/1998 – 3/2002

E-Commerce Systems Developer Consultant

Significant contributor to E-Commerce systems integrator for Accountable for performance tuning, advanced report creation, user profile tracking system design, and query optimization.

  • Integral to various SQL 7 database modifications for leading Online Learning site.

Electracash Corporation, Long Beach, CA                                                  3/1998 – 6/2001

E-Commerce Systems Developer Consultant

Developed paperless e-commerce checking system, providing another option for payment in addition to credit card. Charged with complete design process, including installations, database design & maintenance, table design, referential integrity, stored procedures, and query optimizations.

  • Designed entirely customizable ACH check processing system for banks and Web site owners.
  • Enabled automated system to process debits and credits electronically via Federal Reserve.
  • Created additional semi-automatic, Internet based helpdesk application to handle customer inquiries and account updates.

Worldtouch Internet, Woodland Hills, CA                                                 9/1996 – 3/1998

Internet Business Development Consultant

Grew new business delivering Internet marketing services to local and regional Web site owners. Equipped business owners with needed services by providing a full range of support & Internet marketing training. Rendered sound counsel and advice on multiple e-commerce solutions.

  • Heightened client retention levels by developing up-sale promotions and follow-up email systems.
  • Improved sales tracking and trend analysis methods by designing databases.

**   ***   **

Additional experience as VP Internet Sales & Marketing for Westworld Internet Communications

Education and Affiliations

B.A., Graphic Design & Marketing – California State University, Northridge, CA

BEA – Los Angeles User Group Leader (2002 – 2003)

Technical Proficiencies

Marketing Technologies:

Infusionsoft, Sales Force, NetSuite, Sugar CRM, Aweber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Hosting, Blog setup and optimization, Landing page creation, SEO, Content creation

Programming Languages:

Java, PHP 5.x, Python 2.3.6, Ruby 1.8.5, Coldfusion 7, T-Sql, ANSI SQL

Internet Technologies:


Internet Server Technologies:


Internet Security Devices:

PIX 5500, Qualys Guard Network Security Scanner (Visa CISP certification)

Collaboration Technologies:

Blogs, Wiki, Forums, Trac


Dreamweaver, Xcode, Netbeans, Subversion, TextMate, Vi

Operating Systems:

Mac OS, Windows through V8, MS Windows Server 2003, Linux, Solaris, BSD/Darwin

Coding Frameworks:

MVC, Fusebox, Ruby on Rails, Django, Tapestry, Struts

Database Systems:

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL 5.x, SQLite, ANTS, Cache



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