5 Easy Steps for a JV Business Plan

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At the core of any successful business venture is a solid business plan. And a joint venture is no exception. Even though a full business plan may not be necessary for a JV, it is still important to prepare a blueprint that outlines the goals and strategies on how your JV will succeed. What are 5 essential inclusions in a JV business plan?

1. Identify Your Product and Market

What exactly is your JV product or service going to be? Will customers buy your product? Why? Identify what distinguishes your product from the competition. Is it quality? Convenience? Price?

Define your market and niche. Who are your target customers? What marketing techniques and strategies will reach your target customers? How will you price your product so customers will buy? You may need to simply put a reasonable price tag and watch what happens. Your market will reveal itself if you need to make any price adjustments.

2. Identify Your Place in Your Industry

Where does your product fit within a specific industry or niche? In order to properly place yourself, you should also identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as all known opportunities and threats that could have an impact on your joint venture.

Every business has weaknesses. Identifying them gives you an opportunity to improve. Recognize opportunities that can help your JV succeed and your strategy for taking advantage of them. Become aware of potential threats to your JV endeavor, including economic climate, important legislation, trends and technology.

3. Set Market Goals

What goals do you and your JV partner wish to achieve? Write down both short term and long term goals. Where do you want your JV to be in 30 days? 6 months? 2 years? Remember, goals are just possible achievable future markers. Refrain from planning to far into the future since goals constantly need to be revisited and updated.

4. Define Strategies and Actions

With goals identified, you also need to determine how you and your JV partner will accomplish your goals. What needs to happen to set things in motion? Determine actions and strategies that will help you get closer to your short and long term goals.

5. Create Measuring Devices

How will you and your JV partner know when you have met a goal? You’ll need to set timelines and deadlines for your action plans. As you reach your measured milestones, you can see if you are on track to accomplishing the short and long-term goals expectations. Your measuring devices will help you determine any changes needed in your tactics or strategies in order to keep the goal in sight.

A major key to your JV success is the completion of a great business plan. Keep this document handy for easy access and refer to often. Your ability to create a concise and comprehensive JV business plan will help your JV become the success you envisioned.

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joint venture marketing

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