5 Referral Marketing Tools

There are many free referral marketing tools and options available to businesses in the digital age. Taking advantage of them is as simple as spending a few minutes registering, downloading, or perusing some of the finer places to get referral help.

The Link Referral

The LinkReferral website provides businesses with an alternative to banner ad campaigns and search engine referrals. They have developed a four-pronged approach to helping to generate traffic for their members.

Using a combination of member directories, referral based, search engine and LinkReferral Forums traffic, members can expect to have their webpages listings indexed faster, experience improved SEO optimizations and search engine rankings, as well as positively benefit from indirect search engine traffic from linkreferral.com as well.

Tell A Friend King

If you are looking for high quality traffic referrals, Tell A Friend King  can help your business gather consumers who already trust your credibility, have a high interest level in your product or services, and want what you are offering.

In this helpful environment, a referral comes from a trusted source that can help make a huge difference converting a visitor into a customer. In a study by emarketer.com, results show that more than half, 53%, of internet users have visited websites that were referred by friends or family members in the past thirty days. Using a tool referral marketing tool like Tell a Friend King, users can expect to raise conversion rates, gain subscribers and even listen up for feedback about their website.

Referral Blast

Referral Blast is another great option in referral marketing tools that makes it easier for your visitors to share your webpage with many people at once. This helps to create awareness for your site and your brand as well as increases the potential for a continual cycle of targeted word-of-mouth traffic.

Word-of-mouth marketing is still an unparalleled advertising medium as all marketers know. Referral Blast marketing tool allows users to leverage this marketing element with a customizable and user-friendly tool that has versions available that also allow management of incentives and rewards programs to help increase referrals as well as grow lead and purchase conversions.

Referral Key

The Referral Key program encourages B2B, or Business-to-business referrals. Users who join Referral Key will be able to quickly send referrals to others as well as consistently receive them from other business complimentary to their own. This also means that other users will be doing the same for your business website.

When you receive a referral you are immediately notified of a new lead. It is then up to you to make contact with your possible new consumer. As you post on Referral Key, your post will appear on the home page of every single member of the referral group. This also allows you to share information about new services, promotions or even advice among users. Referral Key also has geo-targeting options to help off-web businesses as well.


Vinatta focuses on the element of marketing that tells you that consumers trust referrals that come from the people they know. Vinatta helps users to manage their social media marketing campaigns allowing you to generate word-of-mouth referrals with referral marketing tools and methods. Vinatta will also allow you to create, from the ground up, your social media marketing campaign with an online page editor that allows users to publish to social media networks like Facebook, or even landing pages on the web, simultaneously.

Vinatta users will be able to increase product, services and brand exposure to users who read or post on their Facebook wall. It will help to arrange referral rewards, quiz, contests, sweepstakes or special deals.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture and Referral Marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture and Referral relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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