Achieve Joint Venture Success in 3 Steps

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What are the secrets of a successful joint venture? Why is it that some JVs thrive and make profits, and others flounder and fail? Does it boil down to luck? Not in many cases. Remember, luck in business is where preparation and opportunity meet. The rest of success is dependent upon these three things:

1. Do the Work

The first step in making a JV a success is actually doing the work. It may be hard. It may not be fun. It many mean doing uncomfortable activities at inconvenient times.  However, the JV partners who will be successful and see a profit are the ones who WORK.

Working means putting forth effort and doing activities. It’s doing the things that get results – every day. Put yourself in place to work at the same time every day. Don’t sleep in. Don’t take 2-hour lunches. Don’t consider quitting.

Put in the hours that you require of yourself to get the job done and be productive. Work through the rain and through the pain. Work extra hours if needed. Work with passion and enthusiasm. Doing the work that gets your JV started and open for business leads to the next step:

2. Get a Grip from Traction

You’ve heard that success breeds more success, and this adage is true. If you and your JV partner have done the work necessary to get your JV business started, it will be easier to build momentum.

JV success doesn’t just happen just once. Success is achieving a small goal while en route to the larger and bigger picture. It must happen again and again. With a single success, you must use it to thrust your JV business forward.

You will start to see momentum build as you begin to make a profit, start getting larger customer numbers, and achieving brand recognition. Dig in at this point. Use the traction to propel your JV business toward your goal.

3. Be a Success Magnet

As your JV business continues to build and thrive, it will at some point obtain a certain magnetism that attracts more and more customers. People like to buy from successful businesses.

When your JV reaches a certain momentum, it’s not time to work less. Rather, continue adding and putting business systems into place that will increase the momentum. You may need to hire more employees. Or expand to sell products online. Perhaps it’s time for a national marketing campaign. The work you and your JV partner put into your joint business at this point is vital to achieving the goals you set out from the beginning. Don’t let up. Be prepared to ride the wave.

These three elements of JV success all have one thing in common: WORK. Don’t be afraid of it. Learn to work smart and with enthusiasm. It may mean working hard at tasks you don’t enjoy. However, with your efforts, the JV you create will be a success.

christian fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A joint venture marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

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