Attract New Business with Video Marketing

An important element of any marketing strategy that’s aiming to attract new business should be the inclusion of videos in the marketing campaign. Videos can serve several purposes in a joint venture marketing campaign including: educating about a partner or a product, used for acquiring new leads, or explaining a process that is internal to the business relationship among many other functions.

Video is a great medium for getting facts and information across in a short time frame and can allow a customer to engage with a brand despite being on their computer or mobile device. Creating a video that supports your businesses goals in attracting new business does not need to be a significant investment especially if you are a smaller business or start up, a low budget video can still be extremely effective. Sell your brand through video and you will attract more business and reach more customers through channels set up with joint venture partners.

Marketing Uses for Video

Here is just a high level overview of the places and uses for video content in a joint venture marketing relationship. Video allows you to be creative in both creation and distribution yet still retain control complete control over the message inside.

Youtube – Keep an active Youtube account. It will have a positive impact on your businesses natural search engine results and is a great place to send people looking for more information to look through all of the videos.

Facebook & Twitter – These social media sites are perfect for allowing your community of followers to share your content with others that may find it interesting.

Partner Training Website – Have videos that relate to the joint venture marketing partnership on your website. If there is in-person training when the partnership kicks off make sure to have it recorded so a future employee can get up to speed on the business relationship.

Landing Page / Marketing Pages of Website – Using video on a website or in a landing page can be very helpful when attracting new business. I recommend not having a video that starts immediately on your landing page however, having a video that is prominently located on the page and easily click able by the customer is great. Loading the video and playing instantly can impede the persons experience with the website if their Internet connection is slow.

However, a video is capable of packing in all of the details a customer may want to know about if they like what they see in first few seconds of a landing page. The video should help attract and close the new business and direct people how to get in touch with a sales representative or direct them to the e-commerce site.

Email and Newsletter Blasts – Include a video in your next company newsletter or customer update newsletter and track the success of the video. You can upload a new video prior to sending out a new message to see how many people are viewing your videos. If you have a high rate of success of getting people to click on videos from your newsletters then you can expand on selling to the potential business that you have attracted interest of.

Embrace creating content to drive awareness about your partners’ products and service when selling for a joint venture marketing partners including making videos and other visual content that interests your target market. Videos and pictures are key drivers in attracting new business and then a solid pitch and answers to the customer’s questions will be able to seal the deal.

Make a new video about a business partner and see if you can drive new leads that might not have been otherwise cultivated.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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