Be a Creative Affiliate or Be Lost in the Crowd

Truth is there are billions of blogs and websites full of affiliates. And then there are maybe millions or thousands of people with the same idea that you have. To stand out in the crowd, you must establish that yours is newer, better or different. The way to do so is simply, branding.

Is Starbucks really that much better than the coffee we all drank years ago for $1? Then why are billions of people paying 5 or 6 times the price for almost the same cup of coffee? The answer to that question is they have created a really good brand. If you look at any of the high end handbags or clothes that are not really that much different than others, it’s just that their target market has bought into the idea that they are better, and will therefore pay 100 times more than it is worth. The power of good marketing is priceless, yet so many companies are not willing to pay the price for it.

Brand your affiliate ads

Being an affiliate with a collaborative marketing effort can be a very profitable business. The part that requires the most work is attracting your target market and then getting them to click on your ad and buy something. You have a unique opportunity to create memorable and attractive ad here. You can go it alone and let your creative mind work. Or, this may be the time to work with advertising and marketing professionals. Their job all day everyday is to be creative. Their brains practice these sorts of things on a daily basis. Most of them have some amazing ideas. Do some research and then meet with some professionals in your area. A simple meeting may spark an idea you never thought of. You may find their ideas so intriguing you end up working with them to create a brand for yourself that will set you apart from the millions of others like you.

Offer help to attract customers

Being helpful is attractive. Collaboration marketing has become a great teller of success. Simply put, if you place helpful information on your blog or within your ad, you will get more attention. If it is a blog that you work with, then talk about things you know about. If you are a good cook, give out free recipes. If you pride yourself on being a bargain shopper, give some tips on how to find the best deals. Whatever it is you know about, tell others about it on your blog just as you would tell friends. Essentially what you are doing is establishing trust with your target market, and once people trust you, they are far more likely to buy what you are recommending.

It has been a truth for years that when you are selling any type of product; your customer has to first buy you. Even though the Internet has gotten a bad rap for being a way to disconnect from people, there is certainly a way to show people who you are and tell them that you care enough to help them out with something you know about, just because. Once you do that, you have begun to set yourself apart from the rest. Follow that up with a branding strategy, along with your collaborative marketing efforts, and you are on your way to becoming successful.

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