Business Alliances Guide The Hidden Competitive Weapon

Business Alliances Guide The Hidden Competitive Weapon

Presents a map of the various options one has on the journey through an alliance; the principles of design; new insights into what has been missing in order to understand alliances; how to find the right partners; purchaser-supplier alliances; some of the consequences that occur when certain principles are violated; how to improve the chances of obtaining excellent results from an alliance and much more.

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5 Stars Excellent summary and guide to Business Allinaces
What is an alliance? How are they Competitive Weapons? All this and more are covered in detail. Major questions such as who to ally with and who not to are covered. For the smaller company, beware of the white knight that needs your technology, offers large cash infusions, but on the condition that all loans are due if a single payment is late. Why? Read the book and find out.

Subjects covered include when to form an alliance, criteria for allies and how to find them, project planning suggestions, goals and objectives, exit clauses, and other basics. Charts and checklists abound to help gauge chances of success or help ferret out causes of failure. The book is rich in the personal experience of the author in building, and executing successful alliances.

Whether reading fast for a general overview, or slow for detailed information the book is well written, with charts, graphs, checklists, and detail of alliances. The Business Alliances Guide should be required reading for anyone contemplating alliances in any form.

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