Buy Sell Shareholder Agreements Key Practices and Common

Buy Sell Shareholder Agreements Key Practices and Common

If you want to avoid being the loser when sharing a company with other shareholders, you want “Buy/Sell Shareholder Agreements, Key Practices & Common Provisions”.

It gives a complete yet condensed explanation of what every shareholder needs to know about sharing ownership and control of a private company!

It includes descriptions and uses of all the different types of Buy/Sell provisions in common use including the “Russian Roulette” Buy/Sell, the “Texas Showdown”, the “Armenian Handshake” and more.

It has four sections (1) Buy/Sell Provisions the Five Basic Types of Shareholder Buy/Sell Provisions, (2) Managing Shared Control Key Practices, (3) The Eight Basic Ways to Handle Corporate Deadlocks, and (4) The Four Basic Types of Business Valuations.

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