Due Diligence for Global Deal Making The Definitive Guide to Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions MandA Joint Ventures Financings and Strategic Alliances

Due Diligence for Global Deal Making The Definitive Guide to Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions MandA Joint Ventures Financings and Strategic Alliances

During the past several years, successful companies of all sizes have initiated international transactions in record numbers. The due diligence required to effectively research, value, and complete these complex deals (mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and private placements) has always been important. Now the type of thoughtful and careful analysis needed must take place under intense pressure because companies increasingly must compete in Internet-time. This new book is an invaluable guidebook for companies trying to capitalize on the opportunities in both developed and emerging cross-border markets. Many global transactions fail to meet the parties’ expectations, and a primary culprit is inadequate due diligence. Expanding businesses must answer difficult questions (especially if the target partner lacks a financial performance track record and significant assets), such as: Why (if at all) should we do this deal? What are the rules going in and what happens if things go wrong? Where are the tax, legal, financial, and operational traps and what are the opportunities? Noted experts discuss critical topics corporate executives—and all those involved with their company’s legal, accounting, and tax matters—need to know to successfully complete complex, global transactions.

Valuable tips and tools for business leaders: • Expert analysis, insights, and strategies from experienced practitioners and leading authorities in cross-border matters • Explanation of “The Seven Pillars” of due diligence—from corporate planning to operational, financial, legal, tax, accounting, and people/organizational considerations • Presents best practices of corporations, professionals, and investors in obtaining needed information • Valuable appendices, including due diligence forms, agreements, checklists, and model letters as ready-to-use tools

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5 Stars Do Better Deals by Doing Better Due Diligence
Doing mergers and acquisitons that create value for shareholders is harder than ever. It is even more difficult to do this in a multi-national environment. The compelxities of tax, accounting, securities laws and the regulatory differences add enormous complexities to the already huge challenges of just getting the stragegy right and executing it!!

This handbook, Due Dilignece for Global Deal Making, dramatically increases the odds of doing a deal better. Many experts believe that deals are made or broken in the due diligence phase. That is is where you figure out how much to pay, and the valuation is totally dependent on what you find out and what questions you ask.

This book covers it all from strategic imperative to tax rules. It also has an excellent chapter on my own area of expertise, people and organizational fit. I found the section on beginning to evaluate the fit of the corporate cultures particularly helpful. We think the success of true mergers are highly influenced by the cultural fit.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone practicing in this area, regardless of their area of expertise, as it gives them context for all of the other important, areas.

5 Stars Packed with Knowledge!
As with marriage, the success rate for global deal-making should give the wise investor pause. Most such mergers and acquisitions do not increase shareholder value. Even with the fallout from the burst bubble still landing all over the place, the juggernaut of globalization is such that international deals still manage to engender a lot of passion; it seems the grass is always greener on the other side of the border. Business leaders know that sometimes the riskiest move is the one they decide not to make, since a good strategic acquisition can ensure your company’s survival. For these reasons, interest in cross-border transactions will probably remain strong, as industries consolidate and as global economic barriers collapse. However, deals that involve foreign accounting and legal practices can be absolutely perilous without expert professional guidance. This clearly written, thorough compilation can help you avoid making a bad decision and improve your odds of success. We from getAbstract strongly recommend it to anyone involved in (or considering getting involved in) global deal making.

5 Stars A Remarkable Accomplishment
Due Diligence for Global Deal Making is one of the most enlightening and comprehensive books of its kind. Editor and contributor Arthur Rosenbloom has identified a group of thoughtful, experienced due diligence practitioners who describe the process from seven different points of view. The process is covered both from an in-bound and an out-bound standpoint. Despite the diversity of perspectives, the book maintains a consistent style and voice and refrains from undue repetition.

Each of the seven substantive chapters looks at a business using a slightly different lens: strategic, operational, financial and accounting, legal, tax, organizational and, oddly but perhaps most interestingly, the Internet. Scattered through the chapter are cautionary tales of what can go wrong in the real world if the practitioner or the client cuts corners. At the end of each chapter is a series of charts and lists which sets forth the subjects of investigation, often with indications of where to find the information or how it is important to the evaluation of the target.

For anyone who has to conduct, supervise or coordinate due diligence, this overview is remarkably helpful. For the young attorney, accountant or business strategist, Due Diligence provides a veritable Bible for his or her own due diligence. But more importantly, the book informs the reader how the information gleaned fits into the overall process.

Rosenbloom’s brief but enlightening look at the due diligence world post 9/11 is among the most compelling parts of the book. This section alone can be worth the price of the book. The possible effects of terrorism or war on a business, in concrete terms, or on the material adverse change or force majeure clauses of a contract are sobering and helpful.

Describing due diligence from seven points of view and then domestic and foreign aspects on top of that is a tall order. This informative book is a remarkable, and even entertaining accomplishment…

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