Find Out What Keywords Google Really Sees Inside Your Site

This post is part of my new “Technical Quick Takes” series. Meaningful examples of quickly executable content that will help you attract new visitors to your site. The posts are short, to the point, and immediately actionable.

Google has a slew of tools to help you analyze, optimize, and understand what’s going on inside their index.

If you want to find out what keywords Google actually has in it’s index for your site, you’ll need to register for their Google Webmaster Tools. It’s free and takes about 5 minutes to setup. You can start by going to

The picture below is a snapshot of the actual keywords and keyword phrases that Google has inside their index. It’s very informative to know which words and phrases actually are inside their index compared to what we “think” Google is indexing.

Action Tip Takeaway (ATT): Register for a Google Webmaster account (or have your Webmaster do it) and get your site setup so you can find out what keywords Google has in it’s index for you. After you find your indexed keywords, you may want to alter some of your HTML content and tags to align with what’s in the index.

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