Getting a “Yes” from Joint Venture Prospects

joint venture marketing

If you have ever tried to win over a JV marketing partner, you know this process is easier said than done. Many business owners get discouraged when companies turn down their offer for a joint venture partnership. The good news is that “no” doesn’t have to mean “no” in all cases. This article will provide tips from turning an initial “no” from a prospect into a “yes” and a profitable partnership for both businesses.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The first step in getting a “yes” is to get noticed right from your first contact with the company. However, standing out from the crowd is not easy if you’re pursuing a large established business that gets many JV offers every month.

A good first step is to approach the company with something you can do for them, whether it’s to write a blog, design a web page or complete another task the business would find helpful. In a business atmosphere consumed with “me-ism,” asking what you can do to help is a good way to get noticed.

Build a Relationship

By working with a company in the manner listed above, you are also embarking on a relationship with that business. Since one good deed usually deserves another, a business that has received your favor is more likely to look favorably on you. Building a relationship with others in your industry allows you to effectively network within your niche to find assistance with your needs. This includes forming JV partnerships with bigger, more established companies that are acquainted with you and your business.

Be Prepared to Give

When you are a new business, few companies will give you the time of day unless you promise a lot in return. It may appear that you are giving away the farm just to get your name on a well established website, but the initial outlay of energy and profits will be worth the long-term results. Once you’ve effectively built up your customer base, you can back off on your JV partnership, enjoying a larger amount of business thanks to the new customers your partner helped you attract.

Follow Up

Follow-up is often an art that gets lost in the busy business world we work in today. However, persistence is still the one virtue most likely to pay off when you are trying to work out a JV deal with another company. While you don’t want to pester another business owner to distraction, a few well-placed phone calls or emails can go a long way in keeping your name at the forefront of CEO’s mind.

Upsell when Necessary

If you feel you are getting close to nailing down a particularly attractive JV prospect, don’t be afraid to upsell a bit if you think a little extra push will close the deal once and for all. This means keeping a small arsenal of enticements beyond your initial offer so you are prepared to give a little extra when warranted.

JV partnerships aren’t always easy to land, but they are far from impossible. Even the initial “no” can become a “yes” with some effective coaxing. With these tips in hand, you will be ready to approach any joint venture prospect with professionalism and confidence.

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joint venture marketing

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