How eProducts Open the Door to Joint Ventures

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There are many ways to use joint ventures to build your business, from using back links on your websites to exchanging brochures inside your stores. One cost-effective method that is often underused in joint marketing is the use of eProducts. While these products do not cost much to create, they can provide a number of advantages to your business.

What is an eProduct?

An eProduct is something you create for your customers to use online. There is no physical product; instead, the material is posted on the Internet for customers to download and use, as they like.

Some of the most popular e-products on the market today include how-to guides, eBooks and eCourses. The material is focused on a specific topic that is typically directly related to your business or industry.

Benefits of eProducts

These eProducts are an effective way to market your business and your joint venture. Some of the benefits of eProducts include:

  • Free Production – The cost of creating eProducts may range from $0.00 if you create the product yourself to the fee a professional writer charges to put the material into readable form. Because the cost of producing these items is relatively small, the value of these products cannot be beat.
  • Expert Status – When you produce an eBook or eCourse on a topic related to your business, you instantly establish yourself as an expert in your field. Of course, it helps to include a resume with your eProduct that lists your experience or training in your field. Customers are more likely to buy from someone that they perceive is an expert on the product in question.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing – When you incorporate your eProduct into your joint venture, you may be able to advertise the item on your partner’s website at no charge. You and your partner may also split the cost of linking to other websites, such as eZines or other related retailers, so that you get twice the marketing for your advertising budget.

Getting the Most from Your eProduct

Since there are many eProducts available these days, to make yours stands out from the crowd you should have them created by professionals who know how to make the presentations pop with relevant material. If you must hire a consultant or freelancer for this purpose, it is usually worth every dollar to market a product of the highest possible quality.

It is also helpful to include a freebie with your eProduct, such as a free how-to guide when you sign up for the eCourse. These “bargains” entice new customers to give your product a try, even if they are not familiar with your business. Adding customer testimonials to your website is another effective way to lure in first-time shoppers.

Using eProducts in your joint venture is an effective way to boost your sales and your customer base. Whether you choose to create an eBook or complete eCourse to teach customers about a particular aspect of your business, you establish your credibility and build consumer confidence for a healthier bottom line.

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joint venture marketing

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