How to Build Your Online Client List

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Creating a successful online business is not an easy endeavor, but your probability of success increases proportionately with the size of your online client list. Indeed, the larger the targeted email client list you have, the greater the chance they will turn into repeat customers.

Think about it this way: You have a client list of 100, and your conversion ratio is 10%. Thus, you sell 10 products. In stark contrast, you have a client list of 1000. With a conversion rate of 10%, you would sell 100 products. Or, you could have a low conversion rate of only 5%, but still sell 50% products. Although the mathematical calculations are simple, the value of volume in your client list is dramatic.

Strategies you can utilize to build your email client list:

•    Engage in a strategic alliance: The tried and true method of growing your client list is to find a strategic alliance partner that has synergies with your business. For example, if you sell accounting software, partnering up with a small business consultant could be a fortuitous strategic alliance. You can either choose to exchange your client lists, or provide each other’s clients a discount, which will lead to additional referrals that grow your email list.

•    Select targeted clients: One of the most cost-ineffective mistakes business owners make is purchasing email lists from companies. There is a difference between a real lead for your client list in comparison to a list of emails. There is a high probability that nearly all of the people on the email list you purchase will not be interested in your product or service – it is too generic. The key is to target clients that are niche to your product or service offerings. For example, if you sell wedding invitations, your niche audience is very niche, and buying a general email list is essentially useless.

•    Utilize a squeeze page: Properly implementing a squeeze page can significantly increase your client list, as well as your conversion rates. In a good squeeze page, it details exactly what the subscriber will receive in exchange for the email address, and it is important that a privacy policy is also included. With growing Internet crime and consumer hesitation to give out email addresses, it is important that the squeeze page not only exude professionalism, but also assures that the information will be kept safe.

•    Implement a joint venture: Another savvy strategy for building your email client list is to utilize a joint venture partnership. Similar to strategic alliances, you approach another business that has similar synergies to your client base, offering a commission structure. Your partner would then broadcast out your product or service offerings, and then the interested clients will choose to opt into your email list before they obtain the free product, discount, or other offerings.

The Internet provides business owners with easy and effective ways to build client lists. By capitalizing upon these strategies, such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, and squeeze pages, you can successfully grow your client list to lucrative levels.

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joint venture marketing

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