How to Market Effectively through Joint Venture Websites

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

The content on joint venture websites amount to the largest portion of most marketing campaigns. There are a few core basics that every joint venture marketing website should have set in place. Using video is an excellent way to communicate specific messages directly to the consumers. Crafting and placing banner ads that actually target the real demographic of visitors to a website is important if there’s any hope of converting traffic into sales. This is especially true for small niches. Creating blog posts on both joint partner’s websites as well as category specific blogs set up on landing pages are crucial for consistent content that engages the community and provides the search engines the content needed to drive better rankings in natural search results.

Video Content

Using video content is one of the most successful ways to effective marketing on joint venture websites. When the right video has been made, it will not only peak a customer’s interest in a new product or service, but assist in the sales process to encourage either a click through and purchase or result in the customer making a phone call that the sales rep is focused more on closing versus selling. Videos can serve many purposes and are excellent tools for quickly explaining who a company is and the core details about a product or service. Videos are also perfect for social media campaigns and engaging with different communities on the web. There are countless numbers of video sites like YouTube that a video can be posted to in order to increase visibility of a product or service. Using video in social media channels also encourages others to help pass the content along to their friends only furthering the exposure that is sought when marketing a new product or service. These types of social focused videos are most suited for consumer based products and videos that can achieve going viral pose the possibility of produce an incredible return on the investment.

Banner Ads / Affiliate Ads

While most Internet users have become savvy enough to surf the web without clicking on many ads, if the ad is very relevant to the specific interests to the reader there’s a likely hood of gaining their attention and click increases. This is why it’s very important when spending time developing online joint venture marketing relationships that the demographics of the website visitors is really understood. Doing a big campaign with a new partner that is supporting a different market is a waste of every one’s time and resources, but still plan on having some killer banner ads that are short and sweet and sell your product and service, and make sure they are only served on the right pages.

Blog Posts

Blogging is one of the best ways to generate fresh content on a joint venture website. Setting up a website to market a new JV opportunity is easy to do and with “one click installs” like WordPress or easy set up with Google Blogger, every marketing related website should have a blog. If maintaining a quality blog is too much work, it is easy to find individuals that enjoy writing and will be knowledgeable about the subject that they are hired to write about. These marketing support team members can maintain daily or weekly fresh content on a blog at a very reasonable rate. Asking JV partners to write guest posts on a blog is another excellent way to get low cost content that is very relevant to the marketing of the joint venture. Getting a new partner to commit to writing content occasionally for a website blog is a way to ensure continued participation in the efforts that will produce a long term benefit to the partnership since every new article is increasing the websites exposure to the search engines and improving the results in natural searches.

Joint venture websites need to be taken seriously in order to make sure that the right content is being used to market the partnership. Develop engaging content that clearly explains the products and services. JV partners should constantly increase their capability to consistently produce new articles and videos to keep building a stronger presence on the web for long term SEO results.

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joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

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