How to Profit from Other Websites with Joint Venture Marketing

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing has become a very successful way for small Internet businesses to create new niches of business and increase their visibility and popularity. joint venture marketing is about a sharing and exchange of client information, so that all of the parties involved profit from the experience and contacts of the others.

If you have a new, small Internet business, joint venture marketing can be a particularly good route for you to expand your client base. If you have a new business, it is often difficult to break into an existing market place—even if you have an excellent product. By engaging in a joint venture with an established player, you can effectively market and sell you product to customers you weren’t previously able to reach.

Another effective use for joint venture marketing is to drive traffic to your website, or to profit from exposure on your joint venture partner’s website. When embarking on a joint venture agreement, sharing of client lists and information—at least partial is usually part of the deal. This means that your partner’s client base will be absorbed into your own and vice versa, expanding the reach for both of you. As man is a social creature, successful joint venture partnerships often hinge on who you know—for instance, you are much more likely to take advice about new products from a source that you already trust (eg, a company from which you already do business) than you are from a novice stranger.

Joint Venture Website Advertising

Another effective niche for joint ventures can be purely an advertising streak. Some businesses hesitate to part with their hard earned client lists, or it may be a case that sharing client information would present a breach of agreement with their customers. In this scenario, a joint venture may consist purely as an exchange of advertising space. If you have a website or multiple websites, you agree to run advertisements for your joint venture partners on your site in exchange for ad space on their websites, you will both be gaining exposure to new clients without compromising the privacy of your existing clients.

This is particularly effective because an advertisement that a customer sees on a website for products that they already use is viewed as an endorsement by the website owners. The thinking is that, you wouldn’t risk promoting a sub-standard product on your own website because it would weaken your business image. Thus, if a loyal customer of yours sees an advertisement on your website (which they will most likely view as a promotion/endorsement from you) it will naturally lend authenticity to the advertised products. The same is true in reverse, if a new customer sees an ad for your product on the site of your joint venture partner, they are more likely to trust, and to purchase your product than if the ad just came up on a search page. joint venture marketing can be an effective way to reach new markets for new, as well as existing Internet businesses.

joint venture marketing

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