How to Stay Mentally Positive In Your Joint Venture

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It’s easy for the mind to lean toward cynicism and negativity. The dark side of attitude is the path of least resistance. If things don’t work the way we want, we get frustrated, angry, and we want to strike out, lay blame and sometimes even give up. All these can have devastating effects on a joint venture and your relationship with your JV partner.

Where does negativity stem from? There are many rocks that can be thrown at our psych that triggers negativity. Here are a few:

  • News – Every day there is another story about the economy, and usually the news is not good. Unemployment is up. Stock market is way down – again. The economy won’t recover for a long haul. All these factors could cause us to give up and stop trying hard to be successful.
  • Anger – The emotional response of anger comes easily. And let’s face it – there are many people who have anger issues. When we are angry, we say things we don’t mean and do things we did not intend. Uncontrolled anger festers as negativity.
  • Powerlessness – We’ve been told all our lives that we can do anything we set our mind to do. However, achieving lower results, too many obstacles, and yes, also failure, can make us feel powerless and out of control of our own jobs and destinies.

Alternative Positive Strategies

What can you do to keep mentally challenged, remain focused, and stay positive? A positive mental attitude requires continual effort, lest the dark side creep in. Here is what you need to think about each and every day:

Passion – It’s easy enough to say it, but you must be passionate about what you do. If you form a JV, be sure it is something that you will work at passionately and feel passionate about. Passion could come from wanting success in your own business, or a new creative idea for a joint venture. Without passion, you may find you put less effort into it.

Challenge – Form a JV that challenges you and your JV partner. A challenge makes reaching the goal that much more exciting and fulfilling.

Think of Others – Don’t just work for yourself. When others depend upon your work, there is more incentive for you to succeed and meet their needs. Whether you form a JV for non-profit community and social benefit, or just trying to feed your family and send your daughter to college, let others motivate your success.

– Work is great. And it should be fulfilling. But don’t forget to balance your work life with your family, friends, and other obligations. Avoid the temptation to allow work and your JV to take over the majority of your life.

In a world where negativity is all around us, we must consciously remain focused on the positive in our lives. Negativity can be overwhelming. But when we take control of our mental status and focus, success follows. Stay positive!

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joint venture marketing

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