Joint Venture Marketing: Partnering for More Links Back to Your Site

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

Embarking on a joint venture marketing partnership is an excellent way to raise awareness for your company while simultaneously forming a new network of business relations that have the potential for highly profitable returns. What makes joint venture marketing so successful is the exponential exposure you gain as a result of the partnership. This type of partnership puts to use many traditional forms of Internet marketing, but because of the increased potential for exposure some of these strategies deserve a more in-depth look.

Linking Strategies Realized

Links to your site from other sites can lead to significantly increased traffic. A joint venture marketing partnership is a key component when capitalizing on the importance of linking strategies.

One of the first steps to take in your new joint venture will be the mutual exchange of advertising rights on your partners’ site. This often includes a link to your company’s website from the advertisement on your partners’ site. With this first primary component you’ll immediately start the all-important Internet linking strategy, which can greatly increase traffic to your site.

Further Linking Strategies

Once you have formed a joint venture marketing partnership, you will most likely notice an immediate increase in traffic to your site. However, to continue to be successful, you should capitalize on the fresh energy generated by this new partnership. Submitting your site to key directories will help increase the visibility of your company through the advertising of your joint venture.

Google and other major search engines consider “link popularity” (the number of incoming hits or links to your website) as a very important factor in assigning ranking to your company’s website. The more links you have, the higher your rank will be in their search engine. The higher your rank, the more traffic there is driven to your site.

Strategies to Gain Link Popularity

If you don’t have enough link popularity to score high on the Google rankings, don’t lose heart. There are other ways to get your marketing partnership and individual business noticed. You may want to construct a website specifically for your new venture in addition to the advertising that you mutually conduct on each other’s sites. If you do create a third party site, submitting the new site to key directories will help your Internet ranking as well as increase traffic.

Remember, it’s free to list in some directories such as the Open Directory Project but make sure to list your business site as well as your joint venture site, and you can garner a very important back link that will boost your search rankings. Yahoo! Directory is an important site to be listed in, but requires a $299 annual fee, as do some other commercial sites. However, since you are now part of a joint venture marketing partnership, you can share the costs of the annual fee for things like directory listings.

A joint venture marketing partnership not only increases your business community and an awareness for your business, but it also offers new financial resources such as paid advertising and directory listings which on your own, you may not be able handle from a financial standpoint.

joint venture marketing

joint venture marketing

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