Microsoft and CAE: Marketing Collaboration Success

The power of collaboration marketing continues to certainly gain steam. Recently, Microsoft and CAE announced their marketing collaboration strategy, specifically targeted towards the audience of defense, homeland security, and public safety.

This is a powerful synergistic relationship that will let both brands capitalize on the resources and reputation of its partner. Microsoft, as we all know, is the ultimate powerhouse in both business and consumer operating systems – but what is its track record for software related to defense? This is where CAE enters the picture. CAE is the international forerunner in developing simulation and training software for the defense industries.

By combining the software giant of the world with the civil defense simulation leader, this marketing collaboration relationship allows both companies to take their businesses one step higher – especially in revenues. Sharing services, products, and specialist knowledge, CAE and Microsoft will utilize each others resources and reputation to create solutions – and marketing strategies – for the defense industries. This gives both companies a broader and more profitable reach into the niche industry.

For both CAE and Microsoft, they can penetrate into new markets through new software solutions and distribution channels. Without each other, the upward growth of the two companies would have been limited in the sector, but capitalizing upon their strengths, they can both achieve significantly more than individual efforts.

The marketing collaboration relationship between Microsoft and CAE is an excellent example of how significantly partnerships can contribute to a company’s growth. Collaboration marketing increases the revenues pie for both parties involved, allowing each company to have a great slice of profits.

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