Parallel Income Streams Through Collaboration Marketing

How much “work” do you do yourself? How much time, money, and market share are you loosing by figuring everything out for yourself instead of using other recourses that can move you towards profitability in a fraction of the time? If you write down everything you do by yourself during your work days for the next 7 days, I guarantee you’ll be shocked at all the time you waste on “figuring it out” instead of “getting it done”. Please don’t confuse the illusion of productivity simply because your busy.

By using a Collaboration Marketing Strategy, you can operate in Parallel Streams of Productivity. This means you can, in all practicality, double, triple, or quadruple your profit enhancing activities by exercising a fraction of the time, effort, and money that your most likely exerting today.

Here’s an idea that could multiply your sales by a factor of 2x in less then 30 days. Write down the top 3 things you think you need to do to get your idea, project, or goal to the next level. For example, if your objective is to get more prospects to call you for your services. Think about who else has an existing relationship with the highest probability purchaser that would also be interested in your laterally related product or service. If you offer a Blog setup service for $149, you could collaborate with a Graphic Designer (there are tens of thousands of them out there) and offer a $49 referral fee to the designer as an up-sale that they do for you (Parallel Stream #1) to all their clients that they create logos, web sites, headers, and web based videos for. The key here is practical application of the Parallel Stream Concept. Once you get this Parallel system in place with one other Collaboration Actor you can repeat this process over and over. Now your productivity can increase dramatically while you apply another Parallel Stream to another Collaboration Actor. In this case a Graphic Designer, but how about an Illustrator, a Video Editor, or a PC/MAC repair service. Your choices really are only limited by your inactions.

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