Self Esteem and Your JV: How to Maximize the Success of Both

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Most everyone feels that they have a relatively healthy self-esteem, especially business owners. You might recognize positive self-esteem from phrases such as, “I feel good about myself”, or “I like the way things are going.” However, negativity about our ability to perform our duties with our joint venture and our own self worth can creep into our daily vocabulary. If you have recently caught yourself saying things like, “nothing is going my way”, or “I just can’t seem to do things right”, then you may be in need of a healthy dose of self-esteem injection.

Every day is a new struggle to maintain a healthy self-esteem. Some people can get pegged with proverbial rocks and boulders on a daily basis while working on business, their JV, and family – yet still shine through with a shining and untarnished self-esteem.  Others, however, may be susceptible to the rocks and boulders in their path. They get weary of traveling on such a rocky road and wish that things would go differently.

Instead, you should be thinking about how we can traverse the bulky path that makes it work for you. Our self-esteem and JV success depend upon it. Why? Because we cannot control the path upon which we walk, but we can control how we feel about it.

How do you fix or improve your self-esteem? There are many things that help with self-esteem, but here are just a few easy steps you can do each day that will lead to more success in your business and joint venture endeavors:

  • Positive Talk – Though it may sound silly sometimes, you can go a long way with improving your self-esteem by giving yourself positive talk. Saying to yourself things like, “I am worthy of my job”, or “I feel great about how my JV is progressing”, can start to improve your inner psych. Soon your subconscious self-talk will start to improve as well.
  • Dwell on Past Success – You know when you have felt great success. Remember your triumphs often and it will give you a mindset that you are successful. Events such as making a big sale or completing a strategic goal can give your subconscious a boost in the self-esteem department.
  • Dress for Success – Dressing like you mean business can have a huge psychological effect on your self-esteem. You can improve your relationship with your JV partner, as well as impress clients and other business relationships with the dress you choose. Classy, business attire exudes an air of confidence, security, wealth, and importance. All that goes a long way toward improving your self-esteem.

Your JV should not take up all your time, effort and focus. But a struggling JV can result in a low self-esteem because of the difficulties encountered. Keep in mind these helpful reminders and you will be on your way to keeping your self-esteem in a healthy place.

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